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  1. Mediastinum codes are identified by which factor?
  2. How many categories are located in the Mediastinum subheading?
  3. The physician repairs a large laceration of the diaphragm that occurred during a car accident from the seat belt the patient was wearing through a transabdominal approach.
  4. The mediastinum category code range is
  5. Mediastinotomy
  1. a 39000-39499
  2. b 4
  3. c 39501
  4. d Cutting into the mediastinum
  5. e Surgical approach

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  1. Lymph tissue
  2. 39220
  3. Inflammation of lymph nodes
  4. Method and location
  5. Esophageal hiatal hernia

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  1. the stem cell harvesting in 38205 is the collection of stem cells from the bone marrowFalse


  2. What is it called when the diaphragm is out of normal position and has moved up farther into the thoracic cavity?Eventration


  3. Suprahyoid lymphadenectomy38120


  4. The mediastinum is located between the lungs39000-39499


  5. This bone marrow is taken from a close relative, so there is a genetic similarity.4


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