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  1. Imbrication
  2. The mediastinum category code range is
  3. The spleen is composed of this material that also surrounds veins and arteries
  4. This type of lymphadenectomy is the removal of the lymph nodes,glands, surrounding tissues:
  5. Imbrication of the diaphragm for eventration, transabdominal, nonparalytic.
  1. a Lymph tissue
  2. b 39545
  3. c 39000-39499
  4. d Overlapping
  5. e Radical

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  1. 38305
  2. Bone marrow
  3. Surgical approach
  4. 4
  5. 10021

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  1. Bone marrow biopsy by needle aspiration38221


  2. The diaphragm is a wall of muscle that separates the thoracic and abdominal cavitiesTrue


  3. A Person can live without a spleenTrue


  4. The mediastinum is located between the lungs39000-39499


  5. This bone marrow is collected from the patient and later transplanted or reinfused back into the patient from whom it came.Allogenic


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