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  1. Telemachus
  2. Athena
  3. Circe
  4. Achaeans
  5. Charybdis
  1. a another name Homer uses to refer to the greeks
  2. b Greek goddess of wisdom, war, and protector of Odysseus
  3. c beautiful goddess who transformed Odysseus' men into beasts
  4. d Odysseus' son
  5. e a whirlpool in the Straits of Messina, personified as a female monster

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  1. a people who lived on the coast of Thrace and were attacked by Odysseus' men on their way home from Troy
  2. Penelope's maid
  3. a dangerous rock in the straights of Messina; it appeared as a female monster with six heads who ate passing sailors
  4. cyclops, son of Poseidon
  5. king of Phaeacia

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  1. Sirenssea nymphs who lured sailors to destruction with their songs


  2. AgamemnonGreek god of the sea


  3. LaestrygoniansOdysseus' father


  4. EurycleiaPenelope's servant and Odysseus' old nurse


  5. Penelopemember of a race of one-eyed giants


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