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  1. anterior sacroiliac
  2. coracoacromial ligament
  3. Radioulnar ligaments
  4. sternoclavicular ligaments
  5. Iliofemoral ligament
  1. a (scapula-scapula) coracoid process --> acromion process
  2. b AIIS --> acetabular rim --> intertrochanteric line
  3. c distal surface of radius --> styloid process of ulna; anterior and posterior sets; allows for the swinging of the radius around the ulna.
  4. d bony margins of the sacral ala --> ilium
  5. e sternal extremity (clavicle) --> manubrium

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  1. across carpal bones (anterior); increases integrity of base of hand; holds flexor tendons in place
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  2. coracoid process --> conoid tubercle
  3. completes the acetabular rim
  4. (ligament of the head of the femur) attached to the fovea on the head of the femur and the transverse acetabular ligament
  5. pubic crests and tubercles of the pubic bones of both coxae

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  1. Collateral Ligaments of the Phalangesmedial and leateral tendons between each joint of phalanges


  2. articular capsulehip joint, creates a complete capsule for the synovial joint.


  3. costoclavicular ligamentfirst rib --> costal tubercle


  4. sacroiliac ligamentsBase of sacrum --> ilium; anterior and posterior


  5. acromioclavicular ligamentfirst rib --> costal tubercle


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