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  1. glenohumeral ligaments
  2. glenoid labrum
  3. sternoclavicular ligaments
  4. Radial Collateral of the wrist
  5. sacroiliac ligaments
  1. a 3 bands; reinforce synovial joint capsule of shoulder
  2. b styloid process of radius --> scaphoid; lateral side of wrist
  3. c Base of sacrum --> ilium; anterior and posterior
  4. d fibrocartilaginous rim of glenoid cavity; "suction cup"; NOT A LIGAMENT!
  5. e sternal extremity (clavicle) --> manubrium

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  1. two ligaments which attach between pubic bones
  2. carpals --> carpals; carpals --> metacarpals; Do NOT allow rotation.
  3. coracoid process --> conoid tubercle
  4. medial and leateral tendons between each joint of phalanges
  5. acetabular rim (pubic portion) --> intertrochanteric line

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  1. ligamentum teres(ligament of the head of the femur) attached to the fovea on the head of the femur and the transverse acetabular ligament


  2. coracoclavicular ligamentsfirst rib --> costal tubercle


  3. sacrotuberous ligamentIschial spine --> inside of lateral, anterior of sacrospine; helps to form the greater and lesser sciatic foramen


  4. trapezoid ligamentcoracoid process --> trapezoid line


  5. Anterior Transverse Carpal
    (flexor retinaculum)
    across carpal bones (anterior); increases integrity of base of hand; holds flexor tendons in place
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