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  1. Septuagint
  2. people in the birth of Christ
  3. miracles performed by Jesus
  4. Wisdom or Poetry
  5. Herod
  1. a Greek translation of OT ; oldest translated book ; dated back to 250 BC
  2. b Ps, Proverbs, Job, Eccl
  3. c Mary, Joseph, Magi, shepherds, Herod, angels
  4. d tried to kill Christ child
  5. e Lazarus, bleeding woman, epileptic, man with palsy

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  1. eyewitnesses who told his story of ascension ; oral tradition ; possibly the Shroud of Turin
  2. conquered Jerusalem and led Jews into captivity into Babylon
  3. starts with Abraham
  4. Simon (later Peter), Andrew, James, John, Philip, Thomas, Matthew (Levi), James (son of Alpheus), Thaddeus (Judas), Simon, Judas Iscariot (later hung himself)
    -disciples chose Matthias to take his place but Jesus chose Paul (aka Saul)
  5. Isaiah, Jer, Ezekiel, Daniel (12 minor prophets)

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  1. agrapha1st 5 books ; from Abraham (around 1800 BC) thru Moses (1250 BC)


  2. parts of Christian OTPentateuch, Historical Books, Wisdom or Poetry, Prophets


  3. sections in the TaNaKTorah, Nebi'im, Kethubim


  4. materials used to create manuscriptsearliest OT manuscripts we HAD available to us only dated back to around 1000 we had copies that dated from 1st cent AD back to 250 BC


  5. papyrusearliest manuscripts were written on this


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