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  1. number of days Jesus appeared to people after resurrection
  2. Hellenism
  3. parts of Christian OT
  4. manuscript
  5. number of NT books in Roman Catholic Bible
  1. a 27
  2. b Greek ideas and practices that flourished in Northern Palestine ; introduced by Alexander the Great
  3. c 40 days
  4. d handmade copy of a book of the Bible
  5. e Pentateuch, Historical Books, Wisdom or Poetry, Prophets

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  1. spread Greek culture throughout the Mediterranean basin
  2. a person who knew how to copy texts accurately
  3. 150-200 AD (well after Christianity was on its way)
  4. Lazarus, bleeding woman, epileptic, man with palsy
  5. keepers of the law ; descendants of Levi, Ephraim, and Manasseh

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  1. canonsheets of parchment on top of each other (Christians used this while Jews still used scrolls)


  2. DeuterocanonicalGreek for "reed" ; collection of sacred books


  3. John the Baptist's importancebaptized Jesus in Jordan (climax of minis) ; proclaimed HIM as Messiah to Israel ; prepared the way for Jesus


  4. why is the dating info given in Luke's gospel so important?it established a historical setting for Christianity


  5. how does God bless the end of Job's life?-was given more than the first half of his life
    -family and friends came around him to console him for his troubles
    -many livestock
    -7 sons, 3 beautiful daughters
    -lived 140 more years


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