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  1. John the Baptist's importance
  2. audience in which Luke wrote to
  3. Romans
  4. place of the Pharisees
  5. miracles performed by Jesus
  1. a rise in movement of Hasidim-opposed to Maccabean militarism ; much zeal toward Torah, oral law, and interpretation of scribes
  2. b ruled Palestine at the time of the birth of Christ
  3. c Gentiles
  4. d Lazarus, bleeding woman, epileptic, man with palsy
  5. e baptized Jesus in Jordan (climax of minis) ; proclaimed HIM as Messiah to Israel ; prepared the way for Jesus

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  1. Simon (later Peter), Andrew, James, John, Philip, Thomas, Matthew (Levi), James (son of Alpheus), Thaddeus (Judas), Simon, Judas Iscariot (later hung himself)
    -disciples chose Matthias to take his place but Jesus chose Paul (aka Saul)
  2. "second list" ; books whose inclusion in canon of Scripture is debated
  3. papyrus, reed pen, parchment, vellum, leather, sometimes copper
  4. Torah, Nebi'im, Kethubim
  5. Josh, Judges, Ruth, Sam, Kings, Chronicles, Esther, Ezra-Nehemiah

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  1. Zealotstried to kill Christ child


  2. manuscripthandmade copy of a book of the Bible


  3. Alexander the GreatTorah, Nebi'im, Kethubim


  4. ascensionwhen Lord went back into Heaven


  5. Wisdom or PoetryPs, Proverbs, Job, Eccl


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