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  1. Woodrow Wilson
  2. Election of 1912
  3. Muckraker
  4. Progressive Party
  5. Initiative
  1. a Taft and roosevelt wanted the republican vote. Taft was winning so roosevelt became and individualist. Since the republicans were split up. Wilson won! the democrat.
  2. b Roosevelts campained as an individual creating the progressive party against Taft and the republicans
  3. c Was president after Taft. He did not like monopolies, He bleived in cutting the tariffs. If tariffs were lowered americans would have to improve theirs
  4. d citizens can introduce laws itmade th citezens have more power
  5. e influential progressives their idea was if people knew about things some companies did people would do something.
    Russel- went into meat plants and wroter about what he saw bad meat being grinded up and put into sausages.

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  1. Investigated problems with child labor and made it public
  2. Taxes on goods coming into the country
  3. Making, sale, and consumption of alchol
  4. Roosevelt Regulated them
    Taft broke them up and sewed them
  5. Creates national supervision of the banking system allows them to indirectly control the interest rates and the amount of money

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  1. AdamsTalked about the faked medicine


  2. Federal Trade CommisionMonitors business to make sure you are not a monopoly or using unfair trade practices. They can fine you make you change they can make you stop.


  3. New FreedomStrengthens the railroad by regulating prices


  4. Keating Owen Child Labor Actgave power to government to regulate the cleanliness of the meat factories.


  5. Direct PrimaryThe people would elect who the senator was not the party boss.


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