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  1. Election of 1912
  2. Square Deal
  3. Gentleman's Agreement
  4. Pure Food and Drug Act
  5. Progressive Party
  1. a Roosevelt- every man will have a fair deal
  2. b Roosevelts campained as an individual creating the progressive party against Taft and the republicans
  3. c When government comes in to tellthe company they are doing wrong. Teddy Roosevelt gave people time. Taft sewed.
  4. d Prohibited the shipment of impure or falsley labeled food or drugs same day of the meat inspection act
  5. e Taft and roosevelt wanted the republican vote. Taft was winning so roosevelt became and individualist. Since the republicans were split up. Wilson won! the democrat.

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  1. citizens can introduce laws itmade th citezens have more power
  2. • Wilson- didn't like monopolies. Government regulation isn't a good thing. It gives the government to much power.
  3. Creates national supervision of the banking system allows them to indirectly control the interest rates and the amount of money
  4. Roosevelt uses regulation of big business instead of breaking them apart.
  5. Was President he beleived in environmental conservation, regulating but not destroying trusts. It helped the people look to the government to solve their problems. Thought about himself as the general manager of the country.

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  1. improving the government...


  2. Federal Trade CommisionMonitors business to make sure you are not a monopoly or using unfair trade practices. They can fine you make you change they can make you stop.


  3. Payne-Aldrich TariffLowerd Tariffs and raised some but didn't do much. Made no one happy. Taft.


  4. Why ProgressivismThey beleived that the govenment needs to have a more active role


  5. Keating Owen Child Labor ActAgainst child labor ruled unconstitutional because child labor is deceided by state


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