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  1. Jacob Riis
  2. Upton Sinclair
  3. Legacy/Failings of Progressivism
  4. Recall
  5. Coal strike of 1902
  1. a Made the country expect the government to regulate the economy and social problems. Failure to adress racial and religious descrimination
  2. b People had another vote to kick someone out
  3. c He took pictures and wrote about how the other half lives which is about the poverty
  4. d people didn't have coal Roosevelt blamed this on people using theirown needs at the countries expense.
  5. e Wrote the jungle he is a muckraker borought on the meat inspection act.

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  1. Taxes on goods coming into the country
  2. You can't sell someone something for one price then sell it to another to a different person
  3. When coal miners had a strike demanding increased pay this made coal prices going up. Roosevelt said this was people pursuing their privatre intrests at the cost ofthe nation. He forced arbitration.
  4. campaingned agianst child labor. People putting their hands into machines
  5. National Association of the colored people goal to be able to vote not have what the constitution said they would have.

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  1. Federal Trade CommisionMonitors business to make sure you are not a monopoly or using unfair trade practices. They can fine you make you change they can make you stop.


  2. Social DarwinismSurvival of the fittest only the best prepared will survive


  3. Muckrakerinfluential progressives their idea was if people knew about things some companies did people would do something.
    Russel- went into meat plants and wroter about what he saw bad meat being grinded up and put into sausages.


  4. Bureau of MinesHe took pictures and wrote about how the other half lives which is about the poverty


  5. Why ProgressivismRoosevelts campained as an individual creating the progressive party against Taft and the republicans


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