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  1. Underwood tariff
  2. United Mine Worker's Strike
  3. Woodrow Wilson
  4. Bureau of Mines
  5. Progressive Party
  1. a reduced the average tariff to thirty percent of the value of the product
  2. b When coal miners had a strike demanding increased pay this made coal prices going up. Roosevelt said this was people pursuing their privatre intrests at the cost ofthe nation. He forced arbitration.
  3. c Was president after Taft. He did not like monopolies, He bleived in cutting the tariffs. If tariffs were lowered americans would have to improve theirs
  4. d Expands the forest conserves. Roosevelt.
  5. e Roosevelts campained as an individual creating the progressive party against Taft and the republicans

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  1. ...
  2. You can't sell someone something for one price then sell it to another to a different person
  3. People had another vote to kick someone out
  4. Made the country expect the government to regulate the economy and social problems. Failure to adress racial and religious descrimination
  5. gave power to government to regulate the cleanliness of the meat factories.

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  1. 16th AmmendmentIncome tax 1913 specifically gave Congress the authority to levy an income tax.


  2. Arbitrationis an independent third party to make the decision


  3. Teddy RooseveltBanks had to keep a portion of their money in a federal reserve so they would be able to give people back their money.


  4. William Howard Taftlet the government take taxes on what your intake is. The more money you earn the more you must give as taxes. They started this because the tarrifs were lowered.


  5. Carrie Chapman CattShe became the leader of the Womens suffrage. She tried to get people in the senate who beleived in Womens rights


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