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  1. Regulate
  2. Carrie Chapman Catt
  3. William Howard Taft
  4. Recall
  5. Gilford Pinchot
  1. a Was president after roosevelt beleived that we had to break up the trusts completely. Hand picked by Roosevelt. Unpopular did not dothings fairly. Childrens Bureau.
  2. b People had another vote to kick someone out
  3. c Roosevelt uses regulation of big business instead of breaking them apart.
  4. d To save the forest
  5. e She became the leader of the Womens suffrage. She tried to get people in the senate who beleived in Womens rights

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  1. Lettign women vote
  2. He found NAACP he beleived that African American People need full rights NOW. If you don't have the rights you are a slave
  3. Against child labor ruled unconstitutional because child labor is deceided by state
  4. Banks had to keep a portion of their money in a federal reserve so they would be able to give people back their money.
  5. Roosevelt- Trusts can be helpful but we need to regulate them to not let them do things unfairly. Worked for child labor laws and fixing womens labor.

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  1. Arbitrationis an independent third party to make the decision


  2. Anti Defamation LeagueStarted by lawyer helped protect against discrimination espesially for jews


  3. New Freedom• Wilson- didn't like monopolies. Government regulation isn't a good thing. It gives the government to much power.


  4. ReferendumRoosevelt uses regulation of big business instead of breaking them apart.


  5. AdamsTalked about the faked medicine


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