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  1. Federal Trade Commision
  2. Carrie Chapman Catt
  3. Recall
  4. Tariffs
  5. Gentleman's Agreement
  1. a When government comes in to tellthe company they are doing wrong. Teddy Roosevelt gave people time. Taft sewed.
  2. b She became the leader of the Womens suffrage. She tried to get people in the senate who beleived in Womens rights
  3. c Taxes on goods coming into the country
  4. d Monitors business to make sure you are not a monopoly or using unfair trade practices. They can fine you make you change they can make you stop.
  5. e People had another vote to kick someone out

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  1. Roosevelt uses regulation of big business instead of breaking them apart.
  2. ...
  3. National Association of the colored people goal to be able to vote not have what the constitution said they would have.
  4. ...
  5. He found NAACP he beleived that African American People need full rights NOW. If you don't have the rights you are a slave

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  1. insubordinationcitizens can introduce laws itmade th citezens have more power


  2. Arbitrationis an independent third party to make the decision


  3. Social DarwinismHe took pictures and wrote about how the other half lives which is about the poverty


  4. Anti Defamation LeagueStarted by lawyer helped protect against discrimination espesially for jews


  5. Election of 1912Taft and roosevelt wanted the republican vote. Taft was winning so roosevelt became and individualist. Since the republicans were split up. Wilson won! the democrat.


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