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  1. NAACP
  2. Clayton Anti-Trust Act
  3. Federal Reserve Act
  4. Gilford Pinchot
  5. Anti Defamation League
  1. a National Association of the colored people goal to be able to vote not have what the constitution said they would have.
  2. b To save the forest
  3. c Creates national supervision of the banking system allows them to indirectly control the interest rates and the amount of money
  4. d Started by lawyer helped protect against discrimination espesially for jews
  5. e You can't sell someone something for one price then sell it to another to a different person

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  1. She became the leader of the Womens suffrage. She tried to get people in the senate who beleived in Womens rights
  2. let the government take taxes on what your intake is. The more money you earn the more you must give as taxes. They started this because the tarrifs were lowered.
  3. He took pictures and wrote about how the other half lives which is about the poverty
  4. Survival of the fittest only the best prepared will survive
  5. gave power to government to regulate the cleanliness of the meat factories.

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  1. Federal ReserveWas President he beleived in environmental conservation, regulating but not destroying trusts. It helped the people look to the government to solve their problems. Thought about himself as the general manager of the country.


  2. Gentleman's AgreementInvestigated problems with child labor and made it public


  3. Federal Trade CommisionBanks had to keep a portion of their money in a federal reserve so they would be able to give people back their money.


  4. Arbitrationis an independent third party to make the decision


  5. Legacy/Failings of ProgressivismMade the country expect the government to regulate the economy and social problems. Failure to adress racial and religious descrimination


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