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  1. At what point in Greek history did the term "barbaros" develop a negative connotation?
  2. In what manner did the 'regular' coastline of the Italian Peninsula impact the development of Roman culture?
  3. What consequences resulted from Egyptian rulers seeking financial aid from provincial nobles during the First Intermediate Period?
  4. After 1200 B.C., merchants in the Near East no longer required the services of specially trained scribes because...
  5. For what reason has the Yellow River been nicknamed "China's Sorrow"?
  1. a After the Persian Wars
  2. b The Phoenician alphabet was in use and did not take years of study to master
  3. c The devastating floods that occur on the river periodically
  4. d Nobles received large plots of land, the power of nobles increased in local districts, the power of the Egyptian kings declined, and no strong central government
  5. e There was no large-scale fishing industry, trade between the Romans and other people beyond the peninsula would be limited in the early days of Rome's development, and there were few good harbors

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  1. Supervising the business of government, collection of taxes, and supervision of farming and irrigation
  2. Volcanic eruption or tidal wave
  3. They courted the goodwill of the conquered people and they spared the lives of conquered people and left conquered cities intact
  4. All free citizens had a right to the law's protection
  5. Economic rivalry

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  1. For what reasons did the Persians not participate in trade?He was accused of impiety and corrupting the youth of Athens


  2. What are the characteristics of Greek sculpture after 450 B.C.?The actors were always men, there were elaborate costumes for actors, and the theaters were open air and often built on the side of a hill


  3. Which Hellenistic philosophy had an impact on Roman intellectuals and early Christian thinkers?The improvement of their cave dwellings


  4. Which phase of the Punic Wars was unjustified on the part of the Romans? Why was this war fought?Supervising the business of government, collection of taxes, and supervision of farming and irrigation


  5. What values are depicted by the characters in Homer's epics that were considered so important that the "Illiad" and the "Odyssey" became part of the curriculum in Greek schools?Strive for excellence, meet fate with dignity, and love nature


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