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  1. What was man's "first epic victory over nature"?
  2. How did ruling classes justify their position and power in early societies?
  3. For what reason was the Hittite war chariot such a formidable weapon?
  4. What are the characteristics of Greek sculpture after 450 B.C.?
  5. How did the Assyrians treat the people whom they conquered?
  1. a They burned the cities they conquered, deported entire populations from their homelands, and tortured and killed thousands of captives
  2. b The use of fire
  3. c Deliberate exclusion of individuality and mastery of the technical problems of clothing and human anatomy
  4. d It allowed the Hittites to field twice as many troops as their foes
  5. e By means of religion

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  1. Some houses had brick-floored bathing rooms, dirty water drained through clay pipes into gutters, and brick sewer systems ran beneath the streets
  2. The devastating floods that occur on the river periodically
  3. The seclusion of women in an attempt to improve Athenian morality
  4. There was no large-scale fishing industry, trade between the Romans and other people beyond the peninsula would be limited in the early days of Rome's development, and there were few good harbors
  5. Small farmers could not compete against grain imported to Rome from conquered lands and they were unable to pay their taxes, which forced them to sell their land

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  1. What values are depicted by the characters in Homer's epics that were considered so important that the "Illiad" and the "Odyssey" became part of the curriculum in Greek schools?The actors were always men, there were elaborate costumes for actors, and the theaters were open air and often built on the side of a hill


  2. What types of natural phenomena serve as possible explanations for the sudden disappearance of Minoan Civilization?Volcanic eruption or tidal wave


  3. In spite of fair treatment by their Persian overlords, the Ionian Greeks regularly rose up in rebellion against the Persians because...They believed trade was an indecent occupation


  4. For what reasons did the Persians not participate in trade?He was accused of impiety and corrupting the youth of Athens


  5. What were the goals of the legal code that was devised by Draco in the 7th century B.C.?To end blood feuds and private vengeance


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