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  1. sycophant
  2. panacea
  3. transgression
  4. steadfast
  5. martinet
  1. a the act of breaking the law, a command, etc. or going beyond limits and boundaries
  2. b being firm, constant or loyal
  3. c someone who is strict or who sticks to the rules
  4. d a cure-all, a solution for everything
  5. e sycophanta person who seeks favor by flattering people of wealth or power

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  1. perfectly clear, transparent, or unclouded
  2. not easily defeated or discouraged, or invincible
  3. a great fear or shock causing helplessness
  4. indirect or not straightforward
  5. willing to please or oblige

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  1. linchpina pin that attaches the wheel to the axle; it also means a vital element


  2. animusperfectly clear, transparent, or unclouded


  3. esotericunderstood by only a few


  4. extolunderstood by only a few


  5. ineluctablenot easily defeated or discouraged, or invincible


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