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  1. complaisant
  2. machinations
  3. animus
  4. choleric
  5. extol
  1. a to praise highly or admire
  2. b willing to please or oblige
  3. c having or showing a quick temper, irritable
  4. d a feeling of strong dislike or hatred
  5. e secret plots or schemes, usually with evil intent

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  1. being firm, constant or loyal
  2. to criticize or punish severely, especially to correct a behavior
  3. perfectly clear, transparent, or unclouded
  4. a great fear or shock causing helplessness
  5. a pin that attaches the wheel to the axle; it also means a vital element

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  1. martinetsomeone who is strict or who sticks to the rules


  2. sycophantbeing firm, constant or loyal


  3. panaceaa poisonous atmosphere, sickening air or something like it


  4. obliquea feeling of strong dislike or hatred


  5. miasmaa cure-all, a solution for everything


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