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  1. alliteration
  2. IPA (def)
  3. connected speech
  4. volume
  5. phoneme
  1. a The loudness or softness of sounds
  2. b A term which refers to the way that speech sounds are produced as part of a continuous sequence, rather than in isolation.
  3. c the smallest unit of sound in language
  4. d a system of identifying individual phonemes by assigning each one a unique symbol
  5. e the repetition of initial sounds in successive or neighboring words

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  1. a measure of how high or low a sound is perceived to be, depending on the frequency of the sound wave
  2. describes
    how the tongue, lips, jaw, and other speech
    organs are involved in making a sound.
  3. the arrangement of word endings that agree in vowel and consonant sounds
  4. Repetition of a vowel sound within two or more words in close proximity
  5. the physical location where the airflow is obstructed as a consonant is produced ie, dental, labial, alveolar, nasal)

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  1. consonantThe repetition of similar consonant sounds in a group of words


  2. elisionthe omission of a sound in speech


  3. tempoa sound produced with no obstruction to the airflow


  4. articulationthe physical production of particular speech sounds


  5. onomatopoeiapatterns of pitch that contribute to the meanings of words, phrases and sentences


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