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Episomal, high transduction efficiency, infects both replicating and non-replicating cells, elicits and immune response, insert capacity 8-36 kb.

Adeno-associated virus.

Integrates genome into specific region on human chromosome 19, low immunogenicity, no associated disease, infects both dividing and non-dividing cells, limited insert capacity 5 kb.


Large insert capacity, broad host range, infects dividing and non-dividing cells, mostly cytolytic vectors.

Liposomes/ naked DNA.

No limit to size of deliverable gene, low immunogenicity, poor levels of gene transfer.


Non-pathologic in humans, stably transduces dividing but non non-dividing cells, inserts genome into host DNA, long-term expression, insert capacity 8 kb, inactivated by human complement.

Adeno-associated virus and liposomes/naked DNA.

What 2 viral vectors have low immunogenicity?

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