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  1. adiuvō, -āre, adiūvī, adiūtum
  2. iūs, iūris (n.)
  3. perferō, perferre, pertulī, perlātum
  4. rēgia, -ae (f.)
  5. beneficium, -ī (n.)
  1. a palace
  2. b to help, to assisst
  3. c kindness, good deed
  4. d right, law
  5. e to carry through; to report; to endure

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  1. to establish, to arrange, to institute
  2. rumor, report; reputation
  3. kind, kindly
  4. to buy
  5. to carry, to bring

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  1. conciliō, -āre, -āvī, -ātumto carry, to bring


  2. ūtor, -ī, ūsus sum[legal] guardian


  3. publicus, -a, -umpublic, belonging to the people


  4. cōgitātiō, cōgitātiōnis (f.)thought, plan, meditation


  5. fortūna, -ae (f.)fortune, good luck


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