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  1. tūtor, tūtōris (m.)
  2. rēs prīvāta
  3. dēnique
  4. addūcō, -ere, addūxī, adductum
  5. cōnsilium, -ī (n.)
  1. a [legal] guardian
  2. b plan; advice, counsel
  3. c to lead to
  4. d (adv.) finally, at last, in short
  5. e private property

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  1. to carry, to bring
  2. kindness, good deed
  3. fortune, good luck
  4. (adv.) too, also
  5. to carry through; to report; to endure

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  1. ūtor, -ī, ūsus sum(w. abl. of means) to use, to make use


  2. īnstituō, -ere, īnstituī, īnstitūtumto establish, to arrange, to institute


  3. conciliō, -āre, -āvī, -ātumto win over


  4. rēgia, -ae (f.)palace


  5. publicus, -a, -umprivate


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