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  1. Sections
  2. Ex Post Facto Law
  3. Declaration of Independence
  4. Intrastate
  5. Loose Constructionists
  1. a can't be charged for something that wasn't illegal at the time
  2. b Articles of Confederation declared the federal gov to have no power over commerce w/in states
  3. c 3rd part of Constitution
  4. d break from England, proposed new gov in which all men are created equal, all men have rights and government's are subject to the will of the people
  5. e interpret or read b/w the lines of the Constitution (ex. Hamilton)

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  1. basic law that sets forth form of gov and powers
  2. Bill of Rights added to Constitution
  3. all customs or practices that have become a part of our system
  4. powers that both the federal gov and state gov have (ex. power to tax)
  5. national and state power are equal, but if conflict arises, federal gov wins

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  1. Article 5General Provisions (didn't fit in 1-5), Constitution and federal gov and supreme law of the land, all state and federal officers are bound by oath to follow the Constitution


  2. 1788Constitution is ratified


  3. Amendment Process5th part of Constitution


  4. 1789Constitution is ratified


  5. Clauses4th part of Constitution


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