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  1. 1791
  2. Article 5
  3. 14th Amendment
  4. 1788
  5. Full Faith and Credit Clause
  1. a Due Process Amendment, everyone is guaranteed protection underneath the law
  2. b Constitution is ratified
  3. c Amendment Process (how Constitution can be changed)
  4. d Article 4, Section 8, each state honors each others laws
  5. e Bill of Rights added to Constitution

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  1. 4th part of Constitution
  2. How the Constitution was to be ratified (9 out of 13 states approval)
  3. can't be charged for something that wasn't illegal at the time
  4. right to know why you have been arrested
  5. powers given specifically to the federal gov

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  1. Sections3rd part of Constitution


  2. Necessary of Proper ClauseArticle 4, Section 8, each state honors each others laws


  3. Strict Constructionistsinterpret or read b/w the lines of the Constitution (ex. Hamilton)


  4. Checks and Balancesgov has the power to do whatever they want to carry out the powers they were specifically given


  5. PreambleIntroduction to the Constitution, tells goals of founding fathers, it is still a work in progress


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