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American Government Unit 2 Vocabulary Test

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  1. Delegated-Expressed-Enumerated Powers
  2. Concurrent Powers
  3. Unwritten Constitution
  4. Bill of Attainder
  5. Articles of Confederation
  1. a powers given specifically to the federal gov
  2. b 1st Constitution, weaknesses caused a new Constitution to be written
  3. c can't pass a law that prevents the right to a regular, fair trial
  4. d powers that both the federal gov and state gov have (ex. power to tax)
  5. e all customs or practices that have become a part of our system

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  1. Due Process Amendment, everyone is guaranteed protection underneath the law
  2. the civil right to vote in a democracy
  3. 5th part of Constitution
  4. guaranteed human beings basic, human rights, first 10 Amendments to the Constitution
  5. Articles of Confederation declared the federal gov to have no power over commerce w/in states

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  1. Commander In-Chief7 Articles in the Constitution, 2nd part of the Constitution


  2. 1791Constitution is ratified


  3. 1787Articles of Confederation thrown out, Constitution is written


  4. 26th AmendmentDue Process Amendment, everyone is guaranteed protection underneath the law


  5. Checks and Balancesgov has the power to do whatever they want to carry out the powers they were specifically given


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