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  1. Delegated-Expressed-Enumerated Powers
  2. Declaration of Independence
  3. Implied Powers
  4. Article 3
  5. Loose Constructionists
  1. a Created Judicial Branch and declared powers
  2. b interpret or read b/w the lines of the Constitution (ex. Hamilton)
  3. c gov has the power to do whatever they want to carry out the powers they were specifically given
  4. d powers given specifically to the federal gov
  5. e break from England, proposed new gov in which all men are created equal, all men have rights and government's are subject to the will of the people

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  1. guaranteed human beings basic, human rights, first 10 Amendments to the Constitution
  2. all power of the gov comes from the people, distributed through the Constitution
  3. the civil right to vote in a democracy
  4. Delegated-Expressed-Enumerated powers given specifically to the federal gov,
    1. Declare War
    2. Govern Territories
    3. Govern District of Columbia
    4. Punish Piracy
    5. Borrow Money
  5. 3rd part of Constitution

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  1. Federal Principlenational and state power are equal, but if conflict arises, federal gov wins


  2. Concurrent Powerspowers given to the federal gov that apply to foreign affairs


  3. ArticlesCreated Judicial Branch and declared powers


  4. 1791Bill of Rights added to Constitution


  5. 1788Constitution is ratified


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