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  1. Amendment Process
  2. Suffrage
  3. Bill of Attainder
  4. Reserved-Retained-Residual Powers
  5. 1789
  1. a First national elections
  2. b the civil right to vote in a democracy
  3. c how the Constitution can be changed
  4. d powers given specifically to the state gov, 10th Amendment
    (ex. edu, traffic laws, marriage)
  5. e can't pass a law that prevents the right to a regular, fair trial

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  1. Created Legislative Branch and declared powers
  2. gov can't do anything that isn't specifically stated in the Constitution (ex. Madison)
  3. Delegated-Expressed-Enumerated powers given specifically to the federal gov,
    1. Declare War
    2. Govern Territories
    3. Govern District of Columbia
    4. Punish Piracy
    5. Borrow Money
  4. interpret or read b/w the lines of the Constitution (ex. Hamilton)
  5. Amendment Process (how Constitution can be changed)

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  1. Preamble7 Articles in the Constitution, 2nd part of the Constitution


  2. Amendments5th part of Constitution


  3. 1788First national elections


  4. Judicial Reviewpower of the courts to declare a law unconstitutional


  5. Federal Principlenational and state power are equal, but if conflict arises, federal gov wins


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