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  1. meander
  2. adieu
  3. perilous
  4. metropolis
  5. momentous
  1. a to wander about, wind about; a sharp turn or twist
  2. b very important
  3. c a large city; the chief city of an area
  4. d dangerous
  5. e farewell

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  1. the time between; temporary, coming between two points in time
  2. thoughtful; melancholy
  3. to speak evil of; slander
  4. lively, full of life; spicy, flavorful
  5. a long, angry speech, usually very critical

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  1. assimilateto absorb fully or make one's own; to adopt as one's own; to adapt fully


  2. exorbitantan idle wanderer, tramp; wandering aimlessly


  3. bogusthe highest point; tip


  4. vagrantan arrival; a coming into place or view


  5. obstreperousnoisy; unruly; disorderly


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