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  1. Who finds Moses in the Nile
  2. What happens when the isrialites complain about their water int he desert
  3. How does God refer to himself in the burning bush
  4. How does the lord first appear to Moses
  5. Who was Zipporah
  1. a "I AM who I AM"
  2. b Moses's wife
  3. c In a burning bush
  4. d God brings them good water to drink
  5. e Pharaoh's daughter

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  1. The egyptian gods
  2. no
  3. Work as slaves
  4. Blood / frogs / gnats / flies / livestock / boils /
    hail storms / locusts / darkness
  5. Signs and wonders

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  1. How does God tell moses he can avoid the 10th plague"I AM who I AM"


  2. What is the overarching theme of ExodusThe fufilment of God's promise to the Patriarchs


  3. Moses, pharaoh, Aaron, Miriam, Zipporah, & the isrialites were all...With 600 special chariots and his entire army


  4. How does Pharaoh pursue the isrialites at the Red SeaWith a pillar of cloud and fire


  5. Who was MiriamMoses's sister


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