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  1. After the death of the 1st born how many men set out for Egypt
  2. God delivers his people through...
  3. Who was Aaron
  4. List the 1st 9 plagues in order
  5. How does God refer to himself in the burning bush
  1. a 600,000
  2. b 1st high priest- Moses/Aaron are levites/brothers
  3. c "I AM who I AM"
  4. d Blood / frogs / gnats / flies / livestock / boils /
    hail storms / locusts / darkness
  5. e His power not peoples efforts

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  1. the plague of the 1st born
  2. 70
  3. no
  4. The afterlife
  5. The egyptian gods

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  1. Why does God throughout Exodus harden Pharaohs heartWith a pillar of cloud and fire


  2. How does the water from the rock point to ChristWhen the Lord was on the cross he was struck as well and his blood came out to save us


  3. How does Pharaoh pursue the isrialites at the Red SeaWith 600 special chariots and his entire army


  4. How does God tell moses he can avoid the 10th plague"I AM who I AM"


  5. Who was MiriamMoses's sister


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