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  1. What is gross national income?
  2. What is PPP?
  3. What are the two dimension by which political systems can be assessed?
  4. What is public action?
  5. What is a legal system?
  1. a the extortion of income or resources of property holders by public officials such as politicians and government bureaucrats
  2. b 1. democratic or totalitarian
    2. collectivism or individualism
  3. c a system of rules that regulate behavior and the process by which the laws are enforced and through which the redress of grievance is obtained
  4. d an adjustment in gross domestic product per capita to reflect differences in cost of living
  5. e the yardstick for measuring economic activity of a country; it measures the total annual income received by a nations residents

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  1. True
  2. True
  3. Not many countries have ratified the convention only 70
  4. 1. GDI(Gross National Income)
    2. Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)
    3.Human Development Index
  5. an emphasis on the importance of guaranteeing individual freedom and self-expression (Aristotle)

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  1. What is theocratic totalitarianism?ethnic group monopolizes power


  2. True or False. The approach to contract law demonstrates the difference between common law and civil law systemsTrue but mature democracy truly secure property rights


  3. What are the different types of legal systems?1. common law
    2. civil law
    3. theocratic law


  4. The spread of of market based systems entails what characteristics?1. deregulation
    2. privatization
    3. Legal system to safeguard property rights


  5. What is right wing totalitarianism?a political system in which political power is monopolized by a party, group, or individual that gernerally permits individual economic freedom but restricts individual political freedom, including free speech, frequently on grounds that it would lead to the rise of communism.


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