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  1. political economy
  2. What a communist totalitarianism?
  3. What are the three prevalent economic systems?
  4. What are some determinants of Economic Development?
  5. What are property rights?
  1. a a version of collectivism advocating that socialism can achieved only through a totalitarian dictatorship
  2. b 1. GDI(Gross National Income)
    2. Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)
    3.Human Development Index
  3. c the bundle of legal rights over the use to which a resource is put and over the use made of any income that me be derived from that resource
  4. d 1. market economy
    2. command economy
    3. mixed economy
  5. e the political, economic, and legal systems of a country

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  1. a political philosophy advocating substantial public involvement, through government ownership, in the means of production and distribution; it would benefit society as a whole
  2. 1. Communist totalitarianism
    2. Theocratic totalitarianism
    3. Tribal totalitarianism
    4. Right-Wing Totalitarianism
  3. the yardstick for measuring economic activity of a country; it measures the total annual income received by a nations residents
  4. an attempt by the UN to asses the impact of a number of factors on the quality of human life in a country
  5. True but mature democracy truly secure property rights

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  1. What are some generalizations about economic progress?1. GDI(Gross National Income)
    2. Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)
    3.Human Development Index


  2. What is tribal totalitarianism?ethnic group monopolizes power


  3. What is political system?a system of rules that regulate behavior and the process by which the laws are enforced and through which the redress of grievance is obtained


  4. What is totalitarianism?ethnic group monopolizes power


  5. What is the fault with CIGS?United Convention on Contracts for the International sale of Goods is a set rules governing certain aspects of the making and performance of commercial contracts between sellers and buyers who have their places of business in different nations


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