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  1. abscess
  2. jaundice
  3. ecchymosis (pl.ecchymoses)
  4. pruritus
  5. pressure ulcer (decub)
  1. a escaped of blood into the skin causeing a small, flat, purple or blue discoloration, as may occur when blood is withdrawn by a needle
  2. b yellow discoloration of the skin
  3. c severe itching
  4. d eroded sore on the skin caused by prolonged pressure (bed sore)
  5. e localized collection of pus

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  1. an itchy skin eruption characterized by weals with pale interiors and well-defined red margins
  2. redness
  3. puffy swelling of tissue from the accumulation of fluid
  4. inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue caused by infection, leading to redness, swelling, and fever
  5. paleness

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  1. impetigoinfection caused by staphylococcus or streptococcus bacteria


  2. petechia (pl. petechiae)a pinpoint skin hemorrhage


  3. systemic lupus erythematosusan overgrowth of skin layers resulting from extended exposure to the sun


  4. candidiasisinfections occurring on the skin or mucous membranes in the warm, moist areas such as the vagina or the mouth


  5. diaphoresisprofuse sweating


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