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  1. Ballad
  2. Connotation
  3. Slant Rhyme
  4. End rhyme
  5. Refrain
  1. a Rhyme coming at the end of lines.
  2. b The implied meaning of a word, as opposed to its denotative or literal meaning. For instance, the word chair can connote rest or leisure, while it denotes a surface, elevated on legs on which one can sit.
  3. c Rhymes that are not exact, only approximate
  4. d A song-like narrative poem originating in the oral tradition.
  5. e A repeated line or phrase

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  1. A repeated unit of sound in a poem; the basic element of regular rhythm.
  2. A stanza composed of six lines
  3. A stanza composed of three lines
  4. To end a line with a punctuation mark, thus calling attention to the line as a structure within the poem.
  5. A reference to an earlier literary work or to an historical event.

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  1. Free VersePoetry without regular patterns of rhyme and meter


  2. AnaphoraA repetition of a word or words at the beginning of successive lines, clauses, or sentences


  3. MeterA stanza composed of six lines


  4. QuatrainA stanza containing four lines


  5. OnomatopoeiaThe literal meaning of a word.


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