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  1. 1961
  2. 14th amendment
  3. 13th amendment
  4. grandfather clause
  5. lynching
  1. a Freedom Rides
  2. b 1865- abolished slavery
  3. c if your grandfather could vote on January 1, 1868, then you could vote too- of course, no blacks could vote until 1870 15th amendment
  4. d 1890's+, lynching black men became a publec spectacle... many many lynchings of black people
  5. e 1868- equal protection to all citizens under the law

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  1. short period after the end of the civil war when things were better for African Americans for a while 1865- 1877
  2. compromise of 1877- southern democrats let Hayes (R) be the president if the military rule that was put into the South during reconstruction was removed: there had been a problem in counting the electoral votes
  3. 15th amendment
  4. wanted to protect his mother from an attack during the Marion Night March, Jackson was killed, he inspired the March from Selma to Montgomery
  5. May 4, 1961- 7 blacks, 6 whites, from Washington to New Orleans to test the desegregation of buses, they were beaten, the bus was attacked, Interstate Commerce Act (November 1961) began which enforced desegregation

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  1. Rosa Parkssat on bus when a white man came in to take her seat, which was the rule, she didn't move, she was arrested; this sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott


  2. Black codesSouthern laws designed to restrict the rights of the newly freed black slaves;
    Spell out what rights former slaves did and did not have
    Force former slaves to work
    Segregate and disenfranchise African-Americans


  3. COREwas a civil rights organization. They trained many people in non violent action- were the first to try sit in method in Chicago, they did not leave until they were served, eventually, both blacks and whites were being served there


  4. August 1963Childrens March


  5. SNCC15th amendment


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