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  1. Civil Rights
  2. Rosa Parks
  3. SNCC
  4. Orval Faubus
  5. Plessy v. Ferguson
  1. a sat on bus when a white man came in to take her seat, which was the rule, she didn't move, she was arrested; this sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott
  2. b He is best known for his 1957 stand against the desegregation of Little Rock public schools during the Little Rock Crisis, in which he defied the United States Supreme Court by ordering the Arkansas National Guard to stop African American students from attending Little Rock Central High School
  3. c -a group established in 1960 to promote and use non-violent means to protest racial discrimination; they were the ones primarily responsible for creating the sit-in movement at Woolworths
  4. d In 1892 a shoemaker named Homer Plessy was arrested for sitting in a railroad car in Louisiana. It was for "white people only."- he brought this case to the supreme court and lost
  5. e "the rights that the Constitution entitles all people to as citizens, especially equal treatment under the law."

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  1. May 4, 1961- 7 blacks, 6 whites, from Washington to New Orleans to test the desegregation of buses, they were beaten, the bus was attacked, Interstate Commerce Act (November 1961) began which enforced desegregation
  2. I Have a Dream Speech
  3. Childrens March
  4. blacks could vote
  5. long-time labor leader who organized and led the first important unskilled workers labor union, called in to represent union during sit-down strike LED THE MARCH FROM SELMA TO MONT. with Williams

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  1. 1896Freedom Rides


  2. Reconstructionshort period after the end of the civil war when things were better for African Americans for a while 1865- 1877


  3. CORE13th amendment


  4. 15th amendment1870- all citizens could vote; no discrimination


  5. Letter from Birmingham Jailhead of Tuskegee Institute in Alabama; offered and "uplift" program"; beilieved in self help and trade schools (like Tuskegee) to win the blacks respect and value and earn full rights


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