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  1. 1896
  2. Hosea Williams
  3. lynching
  4. 15th amendment
  5. Rosa Parks
  1. a sat on bus when a white man came in to take her seat, which was the rule, she didn't move, she was arrested; this sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott
  2. b 1890's+, lynching black men became a publec spectacle... many many lynchings of black people
  3. c SCLC colleague of King that co-led Selma to Montgomery march with John Lewis
  4. d Plessy v. Ferguson and separate but equal doctrine
  5. e 1870- all citizens could vote; no discrimination

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  1. if your grandfather could vote on January 1, 1868, then you could vote too- of course, no blacks could vote until 1870 15th amendment
  2. head of Tuskegee Institute in Alabama; offered and "uplift" program"; beilieved in self help and trade schools (like Tuskegee) to win the blacks respect and value and earn full rights
  3. Organization formed by African Americans in Montgomery, Alabama, to strengthen the bus boycott and to coordinate protest efforts of African Americans; led by Martin Luther King Jr.
  4. a test that people had to take if their gandfather could not vote on Jan. 1, 1868- these tests were very hard, containing very specific information on american government and voting systems; ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE
  5. "the rights that the Constitution entitles all people to as citizens, especially equal treatment under the law."

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  1. Civil Rights Act of 1964blacks could vote


  2. 187015th amendment


  3. Daisy Batesrequired citizens of a state to pay a special tax in order to vote- this was used to exclude African Americans who were sharecroppers and didn't have enough money to pay the tax so they couldn't vote


  4. The election of Rutherford B. Hayescompromise of 1877- southern democrats let Hayes (R) be the president if the military rule that was put into the South during reconstruction was removed: there had been a problem in counting the electoral votes


  5. 186814th amendment


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