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  1. supercilious
  2. trident
  3. Frons, frontis
  4. capitalist
  5. effrontery
  1. a adj. Disdainful; haughty and aloof
  2. b noun: flippant or insulting boldness; audacity
  3. c n. a long 3-pronged fork or weapon
  4. d noun: a person who has invested personal wealth in business; a very wealthy person
  5. e front, forehead, face

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  1. to speak
  2. tooth
  3. verb: to insult intentionally; to offend or embarass. Noun: an insult or offensive act.
  4. throat, whirlpool
  5. verb: to mar or spoil the appearance or surface of something

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  1. precipicenoun: a very steep or vertical face of a cliff or rock; the edge of a dangerous situation


  2. confrontverb: to stand or come directly in front of; to face with defiance or hostility


  3. Dens, Dentistooth


  4. effaceverb: to wipe out; to obliterate. Also to make less clear as if rubbing out. To make oneself inconspicuous


  5. capitulationnoun: the restatement of a main idea; a summary or concise review


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