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  1. recapitulation
  2. capitalist
  3. decapitate
  4. capitulation
  5. Gurges, Gurgits
  1. a throat, whirlpool
  2. b noun: a person who has invested personal wealth in business; a very wealthy person
  3. c noun: surrender; ending resistance
  4. d verb: to cut off the head of; to behead
  5. e noun: the restatement of a main idea; a summary or concise review

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  1. n.
    1. A deep, narrow passage with rocky sides, enclosed between mountains
    2. Gluttonous eating
    3. A feeling of nausea (used with "rise")

    1. To eat greedily
    2. To fill full; to stuff
  2. v.
    1. To expel from the throat or stomach; to vomit
    2. To discharge violently
  3. eyebrow
  4. verb: to insult intentionally; to offend or embarass. Noun: an insult or offensive act.
  5. n. A mouth or vent; and opening

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  1. cerebraladjective: pertaining to the brain; intellectual


  2. facetface, form, shape


  3. indentationn. A cut or notch


  4. inexorableadj. Relentless; unyielding


  5. osculatenoun: the face of a building; the face or front of anything, especially an artificial or false front.


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