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  1. nos maquillamos
  2. se afeitaron
  3. nos divertimos
  4. se ponen la ropa
  5. se miró
  1. a
    they shaved themselves
  2. b
    we enjoyed ourselved
  3. c
    we put on makeup (present)
  4. d
    You both put your clothes on
  5. e
    he looked at himself

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  1. the dog went to bed

  2. I sit down

  3. I wake up

  4. Chepe and I ate breakfast

  5. he looks at himself

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  1. te levantas
    you get up


  2. se afeitan
    they shave themselves


  3. me desperté
    I woke up


  4. se lavó
    he washed


  5. tomó una ducha
    Sr. Obama, you took a shower


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