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  1. contract discharge by performance
  2. informal contract
  3. act of state doctrine
  4. if contract is breached...
  5. formal contract
  1. a judicial branch of one country will not examine validity of public acts committed by foreign government within latter's own territory
  2. b special form
  3. c no special form
  4. d duty to mitigate damages
  5. e -complete

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  1. -rescission and restitution(returning previously conveyed)
    -specific performance(no other alternative)
    -reformation(rewrite contract with proper intent)
  2. fully performed
  3. -UCC sale of over $500
    -debt of another
    -contract that cannot be completed in one year
  4. conduct of parties
  5. product does what it is meant and said to do

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  1. contract-promise or set of promises for the breach of which law gives remedy
    -legally binding agreement between two or more parties who agree to perform or to refrain from performing some act


  2. principle of comity-what was said
    -how the party acted/appeared
    -circumstances surrounding transaction


  3. excutory contractnot performed


  4. burglaryunlawful breaking and entering with intent to commit felony


  5. expropriationtaking property for a proper public purpose and the owner receives compensation


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