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  1. contract discharge by breach
  2. bilateral contract
  3. principle of comity
  4. remedies if contract is breached
  5. voidable contract
  1. a promise for a promise
  2. b no capacity to contract
  3. c -compensatory(out of pocket)
    -consequential(foreseeable losses)
    -punitive(not recoverable)

    liquidated damages(agreed amount beforehand)
  4. d one nation will defer and give effect to laws and judicial decrees of another country as long as they are consistent
  5. e -material breach(non performance)
    -anticipatory repudiation(other party states that they will not

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  1. cover sales contracts only for goods, not for services or real estate
  2. special form
  3. falsely reporting income that has been obtained through criminal activity as income obtained through legit business
  4. -self-defense
    -statute of limitations
  5. when the evidence is beyond a reasonable doubt

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  1. unilateral contractpromise for a promise


  2. contract discharge by performance-mutual rescission(both decline)
    -novation(new contract)
    -settlement agreement
    -accord and satisfaction(modification)


  3. civil lawlaw that defines and governs actions that constitute crimes. generally criminal law has to do with wrongful actions committed against society for which society demands redress
    -state prosecutes crimes b/c held at a higher standard with risk of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness


  4. congress can...impose quotas and tariffs


  5. void contractcontract could never be enforced


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