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  1. principle of comity
  2. sale
  3. contract discharge by breach
  4. act of state doctrine
  5. voluntary consent
  1. a passing of title for price when transaction is completed
  2. b judicial branch of one country will not examine validity of public acts committed by foreign government within latter's own territory
  3. c -fraud
    -mistake of fact
  4. d one nation will defer and give effect to laws and judicial decrees of another country as long as they are consistent
  5. e -material breach(non performance)
    -anticipatory repudiation(other party states that they will not

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  1. -unreasonable search and seizure
    -probably cause
    -double jeopardy
    -speedy trial and right to lawyer
    -exclusionary rule
  2. -international customs(known practices and values of country)
    -treaties and international agreements(supreme court-import
    -international organization(adopt resolutions, declarations)
  3. whatever is required is supplied
  4. promise for a promise
  5. promise for an act

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  1. informal contractno special form


  2. when does a title pass-what was said
    -how the party acted/appeared
    -circumstances surrounding transaction


  3. merchantmust be in business of selling food because held to a higher standard with higher level of knowledge


  4. remedies if contract is breachedconduct of parties


  5. civil lawlaw that defines and governs actions that constitute crimes. generally criminal law has to do with wrongful actions committed against society for which society demands redress
    -state prosecutes crimes b/c held at a higher standard with risk of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness


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