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  1. implied contract
  2. justifiable uses of force
  3. doctrine of sovereign immunity
  4. executed contract
  5. acceptance and breach situation
  1. a fully performed
  2. b exempts foreign nations from jurisdiction of US courts except with direct effect to US commercial activity
  3. c take what was received but sure for the difference that was originally in contract
  4. d conduct of parties
  5. e -self-defense
    -statute of limitations

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  1. duty to mitigate damages
  2. -compensatory(out of pocket)
    -consequential(foreseeable losses)
    -punitive(not recoverable)

    liquidated damages(agreed amount beforehand)
  3. contract could never be enforced
  4. cover sales contracts only for goods, not for services or real estate
  5. attempts to reconcile the need of each country to be the final authority(sovereign entity)

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  1. when can a person be convictedwhen the evidence is beyond a reasonable doubt


  2. bilateral contractpromise for a promise


  3. robberystealing property or more with the use of force or fear


  4. act of state doctrinetaking property for no public purpose but for own benefit


  5. ways an offer can be terminated-revocation(saying no)
    -operation of law


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