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  1. burglary
  2. ways an offer can be terminated
  3. money laundering
  4. unenforceable contract
  5. contract discharge by performance
  1. a falsely reporting income that has been obtained through criminal activity as income obtained through legit business
  2. b valid but can no longer be done
  3. c -revocation(saying no)
    -operation of law
  4. d -complete
  5. e unlawful breaking and entering with intent to commit felony

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  1. exempts foreign nations from jurisdiction of US courts except with direct effect to US commercial activity
  2. -compensatory(out of pocket)
    -consequential(foreseeable losses)
    -punitive(not recoverable)

    liquidated damages(agreed amount beforehand)
  3. product does what it is meant and said to do
  4. if performance is conditional duty to perform does not become absolute until condition occurs
  5. special form

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  1. confiscationtaking property for no public purpose but for own benefit


  2. objective theory of contracts-what was said
    -how the party acted/appeared
    -circumstances surrounding transaction


  3. voluntary consent-fraud
    -mistake of fact


  4. requirements of a valid contract-offer
    -operation of law


  5. criminal lawlaw that defines and governs actions that constitute crimes. generally criminal law has to do with wrongful actions committed against society for which society demands redress
    -state prosecutes crimes b/c held at a higher standard with risk of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness


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