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  1. unilateral contract
  2. confiscation
  3. justifiable uses of force
  4. principle of comity
  5. expropriation
  1. a taking property for a proper public purpose and the owner receives compensation
  2. b taking property for no public purpose but for own benefit
  3. c -self-defense
    -statute of limitations
  4. d one nation will defer and give effect to laws and judicial decrees of another country as long as they are consistent
  5. e promise for an act

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  1. must be in business of selling food because held to a higher standard with higher level of knowledge
  2. branch of law dealing with the definition and enforcement of all private or public rights as opposed to criminal matters
  3. fraudulent appropriation of money or other property by a person that has not been entrusted
  4. whatever is required is supplied
  5. impose quotas and tariffs

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  1. contract discharge by operation of law-mutual rescission(both decline)
    -novation(new contract)
    -settlement agreement
    -accord and satisfaction(modification)


  2. if contract is breached...-compensatory(out of pocket)
    -consequential(foreseeable losses)
    -punitive(not recoverable)

    liquidated damages(agreed amount beforehand)


  3. salewrongful taking and carrying away of another person's personal property with intent to permanently deprive owner of property


  4. voidable contractno capacity to contract


  5. void contractno capacity to contract


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