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  1. all
  2. polyglot
  3. omnidirectional
  4. polytechnic
  5. magnificient
  1. a strikingly beautiful or impressive
  2. b a book containing versions of the same text in several languages
  3. c skilled in many technical arts; devoted to instruction in many technical arts or applied sciences
  4. d being in all directions
  5. e omni

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  1. a closed plane figure bounded by straight lines
  2. a person of encyclopedic learning
  3. the act of magnifying
  4. being in the plane of the equator
  5. macro

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  1. omnivoreone that feeds on both animal and vegetable substances


  2. polysemoushaving multiple meanings


  3. omnipotenthaving infinite awareness


  4. equationthe process of equating; and element affecting a process


  5. magnitudeone that feeds on both animal and vegetable substances


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