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  1. polygon
  2. macroeconomics
  3. magnification
  4. equal
  5. omnidirectional
  1. a the branch of economics that studies the overall working of a national economy
  2. b equ
  3. c being in all directions
  4. d a closed plane figure bounded by straight lines
  5. e the act of magnifying

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  1. a great circle of the earth or a celestial body that is everywhere equally distant from the two poles and divides the surface into the northern and southern hemispheres
  2. poly
  3. having multiple meanings
  4. having virutally unlimited authority or influence
  5. having or exhibiting equity

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  1. polysyllabicskilled in many technical arts; devoted to instruction in many technical arts or applied sciences


  2. omniscienthaving infinite awareness


  3. equatorialbeing in the plane of the equator


  4. equationthe process of equating; and element affecting a process


  5. polyglota book containing versions of the same text in several languages


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