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  1. magnification
  2. equanimity
  3. polygon
  4. great
  5. equatorial
  1. a the act of magnifying
  2. b suggests a habit of mind that is only rarely disturbed under great strain
  3. c being in the plane of the equator
  4. d a closed plane figure bounded by straight lines
  5. e magni

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  1. having multiple meanings
  2. having virutally unlimited authority or influence
  3. strikingly beautiful or impressive
  4. having or exhibiting equity
  5. observable by the naked eye; involving large units or elements

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  1. equalequ


  2. equatorthe process of equating; and element affecting a process


  3. allmacro


  4. equationthe process of equating; and element affecting a process


  5. magnitudegreat size or extent; the intensity of an earthquake represented by a number on the arbitrary scale


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