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  1. Corporation
  2. Limited Partnership
  3. Mentor
  4. Partnership
  5. Domain Names
  1. a Legal agreement between two or more people to be responsible for a buisness
  2. b Someone who has business experience and will aid in guiding your company to success
  3. c Unique names which identify internet sites and businesses
  4. d Separate legal entity which forms a board to act as governing bodies
  5. e Partners have an unequal share and liability in the business; they are responsible only for the amount they invested

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  1. Money in savings which can pay expenses when income may not be accumulating
  2. Person or persons who pay fees to a company to operate a business under the franchisor's trade name
  3. Words, symbols, names or devices used to sepecify goods and to differentiate them from others
  4. Business owned and operated by one individual
  5. The grants of intellectual property rights to the inventor

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  1. MicrolendingLoans which are in small amounts


  2. CopyrightsSeparate legal entity which forms a board to act as governing bodies


  3. Buisness OwnershipIndividual or groups that own a business and its legal entities


  4. Equity CapitalMoney raised by a business or investor in exchange for a share of ownership of the company


  5. FranchiseThe right or license to sell a company's product or service at a designated location


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