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  1. Microlending
  2. Financial Cushion
  3. Mentor
  4. Sole Partnership
  5. Domain Names
  1. a Money in savings which can pay expenses when income may not be accumulating
  2. b Loans which are in small amounts
  3. c Unique names which identify internet sites and businesses
  4. d Someone who has business experience and will aid in guiding your company to success
  5. e Business owned and operated by one individual

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  1. Protections provided to authors of original work
  2. Groups of individuals who invest their money in various types of companies in search of making a profit
  3. Amounts of money borrowed which will accumulate interest
  4. The grants of intellectual property rights to the inventor
  5. Guaranteed by collateral; items pledged making sure debt is repaid

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  1. PartnershipLegal agreement between two or more people to be responsible for a buisness


  2. CorporationSeparate legal entity which forms a board to act as governing bodies


  3. Separate Legal EntityLaw which allows a group of people to conduct business as a single unit, for example a group ownership


  4. Equity CapitalMoney borrowed from a business or investor that must be repaid over time with interest


  5. FranchiseeThe right or license to sell a company's product or service at a designated location


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