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Latin Ch 17 Vocab Test

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  1. unfriendly
  2. I obey, to obey, I obeyed, obeyed
  3. I harm, to harm, I harmed, harmed
  4. I manage, to manage, I managed, managed
  5. time
  6. equal (to)

6 True/False Questions

  1. amicus, amica, amicumunfriendly


  2. carus, cara, carumI obey, to obey, I obeyed, obeyed


  3. fidelis, fidelesimilar (to)


  4. honor, honoris, m.time


  5. sto, stare, steti, statumI stand, to stand, I stood, stood


  6. dissimilis, dissimileunlike


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