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  1. phylum echinodermata
  2. binary fission
  3. vestigial structures
  4. collar cells
  5. trychosysts
  1. a asexual reproduction of monerans
  2. b dart like defensive structures
  3. c in porifera, create a current, food in water filters through body
  4. d spiny skinned animals, snails and slugs, have a single shell
  5. e body parts with no function

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  1. using electricity to compare similar proteins
  2. spiral shaped
  3. where mitosis in plant roots occur
  4. organisms that get energy by breaking chemical bonds
  5. loose arrange ment of cells creates space for water and co2

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  1. pathogensdisease causing bacteria


  2. scolexhead like strcuture of tapeworm


  3. waxy cuticleuses air in cellular respiration that produces 36 atp


  4. phylum molluscasnails clams octopus soft bodied have musucular feet


  5. palisade mesophyllhaploid stage of plant, gametes


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