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  1. leeches
  2. hyphae
  3. rhizome
  4. interferon
  5. trpanosoma
  1. a individual thread like, tubular structures of fungi
  2. b class hirudinin, most parastiic, crawling type, tube forming
  3. c rootlike structure of a fern
  4. d mastrogophora, blood parasite causes african sleepign sickness
  5. e chemicals in your body that interfere with virus production

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  1. stinging cells that line the tentacles of cnidarians
  2. all organisms from one ancestor
  3. plants that grow on other plants, aerial roots
  4. asexual reproduction of monerans
  5. phylum protozoa, have flagella

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  1. gametophytestinging cells that line the tentacles of cnidarians


  2. phylum nematodasnails clams octopus soft bodied have musucular feet


  3. asexual reproductionroots not in contact with soil, suspended in the air usually in a rain forest


  4. celiota compestisusing electricity to compare similar proteins


  5. region of cell divisionbottom of a plant root, where new cells arise


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