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  1. phototrophic
  2. scolex
  3. frond
  4. rhizome
  5. sporophyte
  1. a rootlike structure of a fern
  2. b leaf like structure of a fern
  3. c head like strcuture of tapeworm
  4. d organisms that get energy directly from sun
  5. e diploid stage of plant, spores

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  1. roots not in contact with soil, suspended in the air usually in a rain forest
  2. umbrella shaped, swimming form
  3. bacteria that live on tree roots that are involved in nitrogen fixation
  4. phylum protozoa, have pseudopods
  5. plants that grow on other plants, aerial roots

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  1. fibro vascular bundlesinternal system of tubes in a plant


  2. peppered mothbiston bitularia, two forms-light and dark live on birch trees


  3. phylum platyhelmintheesflatworms, organ grade construuuction, bilateral symmetry


  4. elephantiasismutualistic relationship between fungi and algae, algae lives in fungus, fungus provides protection and inorganic nutrients for algae,


  5. pathogensdisease causing bacteria


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