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  1. mycoplasmas
  2. ocelli
  3. style
  4. region of cell division
  5. fibro vascular bundles
  1. a simple eyes that dtect movement
  2. b veins of a leaf, support fibers and xylem phloem
  3. c bottom of a plant root, where new cells arise
  4. d long tube like structyure that supprots stigma
  5. e bacteria with no cell wall

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  1. imperfects, penicillum,
  2. phylum of dinoflagellates, cellulose cell plates for a wall, exhibit biolumnesence
  3. in the middle of plant root, pushes tip throug hsoil
  4. plant hormone that causes elongation in tips of branches softens cell wall , turgur pressure strecth cell ,
  5. where mitosis in plant roots occur

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  1. anaerobiccommmon freshwater naked sarcodina, no shell


  2. flukesclass trematoda, all parastici in blood veseels


  3. class mastigophoraphylum protozoa, have no locomotory structures


  4. vestigial structuresbody parts with no function


  5. bacterial diseasesvirus that attacks bacteria


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