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  1. phylum nematoda
  2. ocelli
  3. Fossil record
  4. nematocysts
  5. lichens
  1. a roundworms, first animals to have two openings in digestive tract
  2. b simple eyes that dtect movement
  3. c mutualistic relationship between fungi and algae, algae lives in fungus, fungus provides protection and inorganic nutrients for algae,
  4. d evidence preserved in soil, rock, amber, ect that form in layers with the youngest on top and oldest on bottom
  5. e stinging cells that line the tentacles of cnidarians

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  1. in the middle of plant root, pushes tip throug hsoil
  2. colored leaf like structures of a flower that attract pollinators,
  3. doesn't use air and produce 2 atp
  4. light,
  5. diploid stage of plant, spores

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  1. polypcircular shaped


  2. palisade mesophyllhighly ordered arrangement of cells, site of photosyntehsis


  3. stylelong tube like structyure that supprots stigma


  4. pheophytaplant like protists have sea weeds


  5. proglotidsroots that aid in suppport


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