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  1. region of cell division
  2. mature proglottid
  3. rhizome
  4. conjugation
  5. spirillus
  1. a spiral shaped
  2. b rootlike structure of a fern
  3. c bottom of a plant root, where new cells arise
  4. d contain ovaries and testes
  5. e sexual reproduction of monerans

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  1. female reproduce sturucte of flower,
  2. loose arrange ment of cells creates space for water and co2
  3. light,
  4. using electricity to compare similar proteins
  5. mastrogophora, blood parasite causes african sleepign sickness

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  1. gibberllindoesn't use air and produce 2 atp


  2. waxy cuticlecommon genus of slime mold


  3. diatomsphylum chrystophyta, have a silica cell wall, dead empty shells accumulate forming diatomaceous earth used in filters, toohspatste, silver polish


  4. class sarcodinaphylum protozoa, have pseudopods


  5. primary producesroots not in contact with soil, suspended in the air usually in a rain forest


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