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  1. region of maturation
  2. homologous structures
  3. fiddlehead
  4. spirillus
  5. peppered moth
  1. a body parts similar in structure but differ in function ex- whale flipper and human hand
  2. b spiral shaped
  3. c immature frond of a fern
  4. d biston bitularia, two forms-light and dark live on birch trees
  5. e top of plant root, cells mature and become structures like xylem and pholem

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  1. transmnitted by mosquitoes, blocks lymphatic system , causes sweelign
  2. region of the cell where dna is located
  3. long tube like structyure that supprots stigma
  4. top part of stem, supports flowers
  5. roundworms, first animals to have two openings in digestive tract

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  1. root capsturucture on plant roots that protect from abrasion, make co2 which becomes h20 that makes carbonic acid


  2. polypcommmon freshwater naked sarcodina, no shell


  3. scolexhead like strcuture of tapeworm


  4. aerial rootsroots not in contact with soil, suspended in the air usually in a rain forest


  5. proglotidsroots that aid in suppport


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