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  1. tagmosis
  2. hyphae
  3. gymnosperm
  4. waxy cuticle
  5. anaerobic
  1. a individual thread like, tubular structures of fungi
  2. b plants that produce naked seeds , spruce trees
  3. c outer layer of plant leaf, waterproofs the leaf
  4. d doesn't use air and produce 2 atp
  5. e fusion of segments into functional units

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  1. organisms that get energy directly from sun
  2. using electricity to compare similar proteins
  3. veins of a leaf, support fibers and xylem phloem
  4. plants with high branched stems, oak tree
  5. phylum chrystophyta, have a silica cell wall, dead empty shells accumulate forming diatomaceous earth used in filters, toohspatste, silver polish

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  1. celiota compestisusing electricity to compare similar proteins


  2. heterotrophicorganisms that use large, organic molecules


  3. phylum anthropodainsects, arachinds, crusaceans, jointed feet


  4. monera cell wallin porifera, create a current, food in water filters through body


  5. amoebafusion of segments into functional units


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