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  1. class sporozoa
  2. gibberllin
  3. pheophyta
  4. bacterial diseases
  5. sexual reproduction
  1. a plant hormone that causes cell elongation, mostly through entire platn
  2. b strep throat, plague, and syphillus
  3. c plant like protists have sea weeds
  4. d two hyphae strands join together - nuclei fuse- produce zygospore
  5. e phylum protozoa, have no locomotory structures

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  1. light,
  2. common freshwater ciliata
  3. in porifera, create a current, food in water filters through body
  4. individual body segmetns,
  5. diploid stage of plant, spores

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  1. phototrophicorganisms with small, inorganic molecules


  2. gram positiveorganisms that can be stained with gram stain, have layered cell wall


  3. fiddleheadclass trematoda, all parastici in blood veseels


  4. polyphead like strcuture of tapeworm


  5. region of cell divisionbottom of a plant root, where new cells arise


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