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  1. waxy cuticle
  2. pistil
  3. pharnyx
  4. bacillus
  5. auxin
  1. a suckign pump
  2. b outer layer of plant leaf, waterproofs the leaf
  3. c female reproduce sturucte of flower,
  4. d plant hormone that causes elongation in tips of branches softens cell wall , turgur pressure strecth cell ,
  5. e rod-shaped

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  1. roots not in contact with soil, suspended in the air usually in a rain forest
  2. response to stimuli, postive - toward , neg- away from stimuli
  3. roots that grow from cuttings
  4. class hirudinin, most parastiic, crawling type, tube forming
  5. top of plant root, cells mature and become structures like xylem and pholem

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  1. class sporozoaphylum protozoa, have no locomotory structures


  2. monophyleticall organisms from one ancestor


  3. gravid proglottidcontain fertialized eggs


  4. homologous structuresbody parts similar in structure but differ in function ex- whale flipper and human hand


  5. autotrophicorganisms with small, inorganic molecules


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