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  1. phylum mollusca
  2. diatoms
  3. chemotrophic
  4. mature proglottid
  5. coccus
  1. a circular shaped
  2. b contain ovaries and testes
  3. c organisms that get energy by breaking chemical bonds
  4. d snails clams octopus soft bodied have musucular feet
  5. e phylum chrystophyta, have a silica cell wall, dead empty shells accumulate forming diatomaceous earth used in filters, toohspatste, silver polish

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  1. diploid stage of plant, spores
  2. individual thread like, tubular structures of fungi
  3. genus that causes bread mold
  4. suckign pump
  5. insects, arachinds, crusaceans, jointed feet

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  1. amoebacommmon freshwater naked sarcodina, no shell


  2. stylelong tube like structyure that supprots stigma


  3. stigmatop sticky part that catches pollen,


  4. aerial rootsroots not in contact with soil, suspended in the air usually in a rain forest


  5. petalsfemale reproduce sturucte of flower,


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