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  1. Tendon
  2. Anatomical term: Teres
  3. Orbicular (sphyncter)
  4. Anatomical term: Brachium
  5. Pennate/bipennate
  1. a Arranged like the barbs of a feather on 2 sides of a common tendon.
  2. b Common name: Arm
  3. c Fasciculi arranged in a circle around an opening and act as sphincters to close the opening.
  4. d The attachment point of muscle and bone. Long, cable-like extensions, cylindrical.
  5. e Common name: Round

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  1. Common name: Triangular
  2. Many origins.
  3. A muscle that accomplishes a certain movement, such as flexation.
  4. Resistance is between fulcrum and effort.
    Ex: standing on toes, wheelborrow
  5. Muscle acting in opposition to an agonist.

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  1. BellyMany origins.


  2. First class leverEffort is between resistance and fulcrum.
    Ex: person using shovel


  3. Prime moverOne muscle that plays the major role in accomplishing a desired movement.


  4. FusiformMuscles that hold one bone in place relative to the body while a more distal bone is moved.


  5. TriangularFour sided, no right angles, no parallel sides.


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