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  1. p wave (primary wave
  2. convergent plate boundaris
  3. Continental drift theroy
  4. pangaea
  5. epicenter
  1. a all continnental plates are drifting on the asthenosphere
  2. b lithosphere plates collide
  3. c what the continents looked like before they moved
  4. d place on earth's surrface directly above and earthquakes focus
  5. e earth quzke wave that can pass threw solid and liquid arrives 1st

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  1. plce where rock regins to seperate during an earthquake usually underground
  2. one tectonic plate slidding under another
  3. place where no seimic waves are recived when an earth quake forms
  4. upper part of the cappable of deformation and flow under heat and pressure
  5. theroy that the bottom of the ocean is moving apart and getting longer

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  1. magnitudesudden movement of earths crust that realeses energy


  2. s wave (secondary wave)earth quzke wave that can pass threw solid and liquid arrives 1st


  3. ring of firebottom of a folded layer of rock


  4. faultthin outter most layer of the lithosphere


  5. anticlinetop of a folded layer of rock


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