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  1. divergent plate boundaries
  2. tsumani
  3. plate tectonics
  4. orogeny
  5. s wave (secondary wave)
  1. a process of a mountin making or uplifting
  2. b large tidal wave caused by sudden movement of sea floor during an earthquake
  3. c a theroy of crustal movement that combines sea floor spreeding with continental drift
  4. d lithosphere plates seperate
  5. e earthquake wave that can pass threw land arrives 2nd

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  1. one tectonic plate slidding under another
  2. lithosphere plates collide
  3. plce where rock regins to seperate during an earthquake usually underground
  4. theroy that the bottom of the ocean is moving apart and getting longer
  5. wave than can only pass threw land not water

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  1. pangaeawhat the continents looked like before they moved


  2. convectiona form of heat flow that moves matter and energy as density currents under the influnce of gravity


  3. synclinetop of a folded layer of rock


  4. anticlinetop of a folded layer of rock


  5. transform plate boundries2 lithosphere plates move past each other without creating new lithosphere or destroying old lithosphere


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