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  1. transform plate boundries
  2. s wave (secondary wave)
  3. orogeny
  4. syncline
  5. shadow zone
  1. a place where no seimic waves are recived when an earth quake forms
  2. b earthquake wave that can pass threw land arrives 2nd
  3. c bottom of a folded layer of rock
  4. d process of a mountin making or uplifting
  5. e 2 lithosphere plates move past each other without creating new lithosphere or destroying old lithosphere

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  1. crack in earths crust along which movement occurs
  2. linear zone of seismic and volcanic activity that condencis in general with margins of the pacific plate
  3. lithosphere plates seperate
  4. all continnental plates are drifting on the asthenosphere
  5. measure of energy realesed during an earth quake

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  1. Sea floor spreadingtheroy that the bottom of the ocean is moving apart and getting longer


  2. hot spotvolcanoes form over hot spots hot spots move


  3. subductiona form of heat flow that moves matter and energy as density currents under the influnce of gravity


  4. plate tectonicstop of a folded layer of rock


  5. seismographwave than can only pass threw land not water


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