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  1. seismic wave
  2. plate tectonics
  3. epicenter
  4. Continental drift theroy
  5. focus
  1. a all continnental plates are drifting on the asthenosphere
  2. b a theroy of crustal movement that combines sea floor spreeding with continental drift
  3. c plce where rock regins to seperate during an earthquake usually underground
  4. d wave than can only pass threw land not water
  5. e place on earth's surrface directly above and earthquakes focus

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  1. thin outter most layer of the lithosphere
  2. permanent reconizable point at a known elevation
  3. lithosphere plates seperate
  4. linear zone of seismic and volcanic activity that condencis in general with margins of the pacific plate
  5. crack in earths crust along which movement occurs

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  1. seismographwave than can only pass threw land not water


  2. asthenosphereplace where no seimic waves are recived when an earth quake forms


  3. p wave (primary waveearth quzke wave that can pass threw solid and liquid arrives 1st


  4. convectionone tectonic plate slidding under another


  5. hot spotthin outter most layer of the lithosphere


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