Early 20th Century/Jazz Age Vocabulary

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jazz age, 20th and 30th century vocabulary; Davidge ***NOTE, I AM GOING TO UPDATE WORDS TO BETTER DEFINITIONS MOST LIKELY WHEN I GE M VOCAB SHEET BACK!!***


Interests followed for a short time with great enthusiasm

Georgia O'Keeffe

An American artist

Jazz Age

A term for the 1920's; so called because of jazz music's popularity during the decade

Aaron Copland

An American classical composer of the 20th century; Rodeo music

Harlem Renaissance

Refers to African American artist and initially started in Harlem, NY

Langston Hughes

Poet and writer that realistically depicts the life of black Americans

Louis Armstrong

Nickname: "Satchmo"; Brilliant jazz musician; Band leader, composer/vocalist; Played cornet and trumpet

Great Migration

Jobs for African Americans in the South were scarce and low paying; Moved to northern cities in search of better employment opportunities

Jacob Lawrence

African American painter whose works depicted black life, history, and culture; Part of the Harlem Renaissance

Duke Ellington

A pianist and orchestra leader; Most prolific composer in Jazz history

Bessie Smith

"Empress of the Blues"; Most successful female blues singer of the 1920s

Tin Lizzie

The Model T Ford; Also called "Flivver"; Fist mass produced automobile (Henry Ford)

F. Scott Fitzgerald

American writer who captured the fast paced times of the Jazz Age in his novels

John Steinbeck

American author who wrote about America's down trodden and outcasts; Famous works; The Grapes of Wrath, Of Mice and Men

George Gershwin

American composer and pianist; George and Ira (his brother) wrote Rhapsody in Blue


Caused by Prohibition; Illegal saloons that flourished under gangster control


18th Amendment; Forbid the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcoholic beverages; Repealed by 21st amendment


Illegal manufacture and transportation of alcoholic beverages; Transporting flasks in a leg of a tall boot; Promoted organized crime

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