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  1. asked by newly formed Parliament to rule; restored monarchy = Restoration; Parliament passed habeas corpus
  2. fought for freedom of speech and religion
  3. Nicolaus Copernicus; sun-centered theory
  4. Restoration
  5. Declaration of religious tolerance (Huguenots could live, work, and worship in France)
  1. a What occurred during Charles II's reign of England?
  2. b Who developed the heliocentric theory, and what was it?
  3. c After Oliver Cromwell died, Charles II became king and restored the monarchy. What period is this known as?
  4. d What was the Edict of Nantes?
  5. e What were the main ideas of Voltaire?

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  1. Who was Johannes Kepler?
  2. What were the main ideas of Mary Wollstonecraft?
  3. Characteristics of the Enlightened Despots
  4. What are the three factors that encouraged exploration?
  5. Who was "Peter the Great"?

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  1. *How ideas of Enlightenment circulated


  2. Unified Japan; sole ruler (shogon); moved capital to Edo (later Tokyo); "tamed" the daimyo"; founded "Tokugawa Shogunate" = stability in JapanWho was "Ivan the Terrible"?


  3. kabuki theater (skits about modern urban life); paintings = woodblock prints (show city life); stories of self-made merchants/hardships of life; haiku poetry (images, not ideas)Who was Tycho Brahe?


  4. invaded Spanish Netherlands (gained 12 towns); invaded Dutch Netherlands (gained several towns and region); War of the Spanish Succession (Bourbon dynasty power increases to Spain; other countries feel threatened)

    What did Newton discover?


  5. Emperor --> Daimyo(landowners)/Shogon(actual ruler) --> Samurai Warriors (loyal to daimyo/shogoin) --> Peasants/Artisans/MerchantsWhat is the order of the English Monarchy in the 17th century?


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