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  1. Emperor --> Daimyo(landowners)/Shogon(actual ruler) --> Samurai Warriors (loyal to daimyo/shogoin) --> Peasants/Artisans/Merchants
  2. *
  3. Declaration of religious tolerance (Huguenots could live, work, and worship in France)
  4. Yuan --> Ming --> Qing
  5. (not a monarch)
    abolished monarchy and House of Lords; constitution drafted then destroyed = military dictator; crushed Ireland rebellion; promoted Puritan morality and abolished "sinful activities"; welcomed all regions (Jews!) except Catholics
  1. a What was the Edict of Nantes?
  2. b How ideas of Enlightenment circulated
  3. c What occurred during Oliver Cromwell's reign of England?
  4. d What is the order of power within Japanese feudalism?
  5. e What is the order of dynastic rule in China from 1300s to 1700s?

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  1. What were the main ideas of Rousseau?
  2. Family rule in Central Europe -- what countries did they rule, family name
  3. What was the Romanov Dynasty?
  4. What was Japanese policy toward European contact?
  5. Who was "Ivan the Terrible"?

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  1. gave weak national govWhat were the reasons in revising the Articles of Confederation?


  2. Louis XIVWho was the great admiral for the Chinese during their exploration?


  3. *Who became the first Ming emperor?


  4. conquered Ceuta in North Africa; founded navigation school in PortugalWhat were Prince *HENRY's contributions to Portugal?


  5. developed experimental methodWho was Francis Bacon?


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