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  1. treaty between Spain and Portugal, agreed to imaginary line dividing Spanish and Portuguese land
  2. Nicolaus Copernicus; sun-centered theory
  3. offended by appointing Catholics to high office; dissolved Parliament; daughter Mary (married to Protestant William of Orange) asked to overthrow him = Glorious Revolution
  4. Unified Japan; sole ruler (shogon); moved capital to Edo (later Tokyo); "tamed" the daimyo"; founded "Tokugawa Shogunate" = stability in Japan
  5. ended war between France and Spanish Netherlands (France gained region and several towns)
  1. a What occurred during James II's reign of England?
  2. b What was the Treaty of Nijmegen?
  3. c Who developed the heliocentric theory, and what was it?
  4. d What was the purpose of the Treaty of Tordesillas?
  5. e What are the achievements of Tokugawa Ieyasu?

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  1. Who was the famous queen of Austria during the 17th century?
  2. What was the culture under the Tokugawa Shogunate?
  3. What happened to Galileo when he contradicted the church?
  4. Who was the great admiral for the Chinese during their exploration?
  5. What is the order of dynastic rule in China from 1300s to 1700s?

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  1. James I --> Charles I --> Oliver Cromwell --> Charles II --> James II --> William and MaryWhat is the order of the English Monarchy in the 17th century?


  2. Colonists upset with: navigation acts, stamp acts, boston tea party, british occupy of Boston; colonists feel less identity with Britain than with colonyWhy were Zheng He's voyages stopped?


  3. laws limit a ruler's powerWhat is a constitutional monarchy?


  4. Portugal, Spain, Dutch, English, FrenchWhat are the three factors that encouraged exploration?


  5. French "philosopher"; wrote on reason, nature, happiness, progress, libertyWhat was a "Philosophe"?


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