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  1. Anatomic
  2. Type 2 (Diagnostics)
  3. Anaphylactic Shock (Medication,Severe response)
  4. Neutrophils and Macrophages
  5. Neumega
  1. a What med is given to stimulate platelet production?
  2. b tissue of origin ex: sarcoma=bone
  3. c Phagocytic activity
  4. d 1:10,000, 0.5 ml IV, @ 5-10min intervals
  5. e Cytotoxic/cytolytic
    Coombs blood test: hemolytic anemia, ABO incompatibility. Target underlying process

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  1. Continuous or inappropriate cell growth
    Specific Morphology, small nuclear-to- cytoplasmic ratio. Tight adherence, No migration
    Specific differentiated functions, Orderly growth, normal chromosomes
  2. spread of cancer cells beyond their original site in the body
  3. Anti-A antibodies
  4. Used primarily in palliative care settings to assess functional abilities at the end of life
    0=dead 100=doing good
  5. Very abnormal, poorly differentiated; severe dysplasia

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  1. Secondary perventionRegular screening, altering damaged genes, Genetic screening. detect and treat.


  2. InnateDay old baby who is breastfeeding receives what type of Immunoglobulin?


  3. sympathomimetic/decongestant drugCompression/obstruction by tumor growth, painful -/+ life threatning emergency.
    Signs include: edema, Stoke's sign, dyspnea, erythema, and epistazis


  4. SurgeryPrevention, diagnosis, staging, and diagnostic plan, cure &/or control, supportive care, rehabilitation


  5. InfectionA response to tissue injury and invasion of organisms


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