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  1. Histologic
  2. Cytokines
  3. Doubling time and mitotic index
  4. Promotion
  5. Type 1
  1. a We intervene to decrease progression.
    ex:smoking cessation, dietary consultation
  2. b Modify cancer cell action & increase immune response
  3. c How fast it grows, develop treatment approach
  4. d What type of reaction would allergic rhinitis elicit?
  5. e cellular aspects,examination,study of tissue

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  1. Prevention, Hydration, Drug therapy. cell destruction quickly into blood stream.
  2. production of your own antibodies as a result of vaccination or immunization
  3. Plasma; present on lymphocyte surface
  4. oncologic emergency with rapid lysis of malignant cells, as the cells lyse, intracellular contents are released in blood which results in hyperkalemia, hyperphosphaemia, and hyperuricemia which puts the patient at risk for renal failure and cardiac function, early signs include n&v, anorexia, diarrhea, muscle weakness and cramping, later signs tetany, paresthesias, seizures, anuria, and cardiac arrest
  5. Very abnormal, poorly differentiated; severe dysplasia

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  1. Initiationan act that sets in motion some course of events
    ex:smoking, high fat diet, HTN, etc.


  2. Inflammationan immediate, short term protective response against tissue injury & foreign proteins
    The response may occur with or without infection


  3. Dysplasiaabnormal development or growth of cells, tissues, or organs


  4. Type Oanti A and B antibodies.
    Universal donor. Can only get o blood.


  5. Teletherapyradiation therapy administered at a distance from the body.


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