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  1. Spinal Cord Compression
  2. Secondary
  3. Active Passive Immunity
  4. Benign Tumor Cells
  5. Anatomic
  1. a Subsequent exposure--IgG predominates, some IgM 1-3 days
  2. b Artificial, serum immune globulins/antibody injections
  3. c Early recognition and treatment, palliative, high-dose corticosteroids and radiation, surgery, back or neck braces to reduce pressure
  4. d Continuous or inappropriate cell growth
    Specific Morphology, small nuclear-to- cytoplasmic ratio. Tight adherence, No migration
    Specific differentiated functions, Orderly growth, normal chromosomes
  5. e tissue of origin ex: sarcoma=bone

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  1. Phagocytic activity
  2. shock that develops as the result of infection carried by the bloodstream, eventually causing dysfunction of multiple organ systems.
  3. inhibit release of histamine
  4. Day old baby who is breastfeeding receives what type of Immunoglobulin?
  5. An oncologic emergency that is caused by a tumor pressing on the spinal cord, can cause various problems, including permanent paralysis if not treated properly. Caused by cancers of the lung, breast & prostate, which carry the greatest risk of metastasizing to the spinal cord.

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  1. StagingTumor--Node--Metastasis
    Look @ the primary site, and see if it's spread


  2. ProgressionWhat med stimulates growth of RBC's?


  3. CytokinesLocation and degree of metastisis


  4. IgGPatient experiencing blood transfusion reaction experiances highest levels of what type of immunoglobulin?


  5. Secondary perventionRegular screening, altering damaged genes, Genetic screening. detect and treat.


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