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  1. Secondary pervention
  2. mast cell stimulating meds
  3. Hypercalcemia
  4. Staging
  5. Brachytherapy
  1. a therapy using radioactive sources that are placed inside the body
  2. b Regular screening, altering damaged genes, Genetic screening. detect and treat.
  3. c Occurs most often in patients with bone metastasis
    ManifestationsL fatigue, decreased appetite, N/V, altered elimination as well as fluid and electrolyte imbalance
    Coll. Care: Hydration therapy, Drugs, Dialysis
  4. d inhibit release of histamine
  5. e Location and degree of metastisis

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  1. Immune-Complex Reactions Humoral (Auto immune)
    Involves antigen-antibody complexes.
    IgM and IgG involved.
    Mediators:Nurtophils, complement lysis
    May involve localized or systemic inflammatory response, may be accute or chronic
    Treatment:Target the cause of the manifestations
  2. Patient experiencing allergic reaction experiances highest levels of what type of immunoglobulin?
  3. A response to tissue injury and invasion of organisms
  4. spread of cancer cells beyond their original site in the body
  5. decreased immunity & blood producing functions, altered GI structure and function, motor and sensory deficits, decreased respiratory function

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  1. Superior Vena Cava Syndrome
    (collaborative care)
    Prevention, Hydration, Drug therapy. cell destruction quickly into blood stream.


  2. Natural Active Immunitythe body produces its own antibodies; long lasting immunity. Ex. from infection


  3. Tumor Lysis Syndrome
    (Collaborative Care)
    S/S: edema, stokes sign, dyspnea, erythema, epistaxis (nose bleed) High-dose radiation therapy, Metal stent in vena cava


  4. IgMPatient experiencing blood transfusion reaction experiances highest levels of what type of immunoglobulin?


  5. Spinal Cord CompressionAn oncologic emergency that is caused by a tumor pressing on the spinal cord, can cause various problems, including permanent paralysis if not treated properly. Caused by cancers of the lung, breast & prostate, which carry the greatest risk of metastasizing to the spinal cord.


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