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  1. Type AB
  2. IgE
  3. Staging
  4. Cell Mediated immunity
  5. Type 4
  1. a When would urticaria (hives) and transplant rejection?
  2. b Patient experiencing allergic reaction experiances highest levels of what type of immunoglobulin?
  3. c Location and degree of metastisis
  4. d No antibodies. Universal receiver.
  5. e an immune response in which killer T cells attack antigen-bearing cells directly

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  1. Initial exposure--IgM predominates, some IgG 4-8 days
  2. Very abnormal, poorly differentiated; severe dysplasia
  3. Immature and primitive, undifferentiated (no function), anaplasia
  4. Patient experiencing blood transfusion reaction experiances highest levels of what type of immunoglobulin?
  5. Day old baby who is breastfeeding receives what type of Immunoglobulin?

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  1. SIADH (syndrome of inappropriate anti-diuretic hormone)Marker to recognize self and non-self
    Determine the tissue type of a person


  2. Type 1 (Hypersensitivity reaction)Rapid Hypersensitivity (Humoral)
    Can be local or systemic
    Allergens inhaled, ingested, contacted or injected
    Reaction comes from within.
    Reaction involves IgE, mast cells, chemical mediators.


  3. Antagoniststissue of origin ex: sarcoma=bone


  4. InitiationWe intervene to decrease progression.
    ex:smoking cessation, dietary consultation


  5. Artificial Active Immunityan act that sets in motion some course of events
    ex:smoking, high fat diet, HTN, etc.


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