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  1. Anaphylactic Shock (Medication,Severe response)
  2. Cell Mediated Immunity
    (cellular response)
  3. Secondary pervention
  4. Doubling time and mitotic index
  5. Superior Vena Cava Syndrome
    (collaborative care)
  1. a Involves WBCs, natural killer cells, & cytokines
    Provides for self and nonself recognition
    Critical role in preventing cancer development
    Transplant rejection (a protective response)
  2. b Regular screening, altering damaged genes, Genetic screening. detect and treat.
  3. c 1:10,000, 0.5 ml IV, @ 5-10min intervals
  4. d How fast it grows, develop treatment approach
  5. e S/S: edema, stokes sign, dyspnea, erythema, epistaxis (nose bleed) High-dose radiation therapy, Metal stent in vena cava

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  1. Location and degree of metastisis
  2. Stage 1 (vascular) constriction and hyperemia (increase blood flow) and edema
    Stage 2 (cellular exudate) neutrophilia, pus
    Stage 3 (tissue repair, and replacement)
  3. The creation of cancer/tumor formation and development
  4. Rapid or continuous cell division, Large nuclear-to-cytoplasmic ratio, specific functions lost, loose adherence, migration, no contact inhibition, abnormal chromosomes
  5. We intervene to decrease progression.
    ex:smoking cessation, dietary consultation

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  1. InflammationWe intervene to decrease progression.
    ex:smoking cessation, dietary consultation


  2. IgD (1%)Plasma; antibodies to ABO blood antigens. Highest in initial exposure


  3. Humoral Immunityan immune response in which killer T cells attack antigen-bearing cells directly


  4. Type A bloodAnti-A antibodies


  5. Histologiccellular aspects,examination,study of tissue


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