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  1. Type 2 (Diagnostics)
  2. Grade IV
  3. Neumega
  4. Active Passive Immunity
  5. Benign Tumor Cells
  1. a What med is given to stimulate platelet production?
  2. b Continuous or inappropriate cell growth
    Specific Morphology, small nuclear-to- cytoplasmic ratio. Tight adherence, No migration
    Specific differentiated functions, Orderly growth, normal chromosomes
  3. c Artificial, serum immune globulins/antibody injections
  4. d Cytotoxic/cytolytic
    Coombs blood test: hemolytic anemia, ABO incompatibility. Target underlying process
  5. e Immature and primitive, undifferentiated (no function), anaplasia

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  1. Based on chromosome # and appearance. number of sets of chromosomes
  2. substances produced by normal cells that block tumor growth or stimulate system to fight cancer
    Ex: Cytokines, Interleukins, interferons
  3. Reactions involve IgE mast cells, chemical mediators
    Labs: increased eosinophils, igE
    Allergy testing--skin test, oral food challenges, avoidance therapy, environmental changes, drug therapies/patient education.....antihistamines (block h1/h2 receptors), sympathomimetic/decongestant drugs, corticosteriods, antipruritic meds (anti-itch), mast cell-stabilizing meds, leukotriene receptor antagonists
  4. More abnormal, moderate differentation & dysplasia
  5. spread of cancer cells beyond their original site in the body

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  1. ProgressionWe intervene to decrease progression.
    ex:smoking cessation, dietary consultation


  2. Artificial Active Immunitythe body produces its own antibodies; long lasting immunity. Ex. from infection


  3. IgM (8%)Patient experiencing blood transfusion reaction experiances highest levels of what type of immunoglobulin?


  4. Type BAnti-A antibodies


  5. IgE (0.002%)Plasma/Interstitial fluid
    Allergies, parasitic infections


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