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  1. Primary
  2. mast cell stimulating meds
  3. IgM
  4. Natural Passive Immunity
  5. Staging
  1. a Initial exposure--IgM predominates, some IgG 4-8 days
  2. b baby receives antibodies from its mother through the placenta and breast milk
  3. c Location and degree of metastisis
  4. d inhibit release of histamine
  5. e Pt (first time infection) experiences highest level of what type of immunoglobulin?

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  1. Phagocytic activity
  2. S/S: edema, stokes sign, dyspnea, erythema, epistaxis (nose bleed) High-dose radiation therapy, Metal stent in vena cava
  3. C hange in bowel or bladder habits
    A sore that does not heal
    U nusual bleeding or discharge from body orifice
    T hickening or a lump in the breast or elsewhere
    I ndigestion or difficulty in swallowing
    O bvious change in a wart or mole
    N agging cough or hoarseness
  4. Cytotoxic/cytolytic
    Coombs blood test: hemolytic anemia, ABO incompatibility. Target underlying process
  5. How fast it grows, develop treatment approach

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  1. CytokinesLocation and degree of metastisis


  2. Type 1 (Rapid Hypersensitivity) "atopic allergy"Cytotoxic/Cytolytic Reactions (Humoral)
    Production of autoantibodies--destroy own cells/tissue.
    Antibody: IgA, IgM, complement often involved
    Mediators: complement lysis (cell breakdown), macrophages
    Examples:Transfusion reaction, Goodpasture syndrome, ITP, Grave's disease


  3. Histologiccellular aspects,examination,study of tissue


  4. Disease consequencesdecreased immunity & blood producing functions, altered GI structure and function, motor and sensory deficits, decreased respiratory function


  5. Inflammationan act that sets in motion some course of events
    ex:smoking, high fat diet, HTN, etc.


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