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General cell structure that performs a variety of tasks


-Cell's energy producers
-# of mitochondria depends on how much energy the cell requires


-trap sun's energy to make glucose.
-glucose production occurs on stacts of membranes within chloroplast
*Only found in plant cells


-small, membrane free organelles
-responsible for protein
-float in cytoplasm
-attached to ER (rough ER)

Smooth ER

-ER without ribosomes
-produces fat molecules
-transport system for materials made in cells

Rough ER

-membrane covered in ribosomes
-transport system for materials made in cells

Golgi Body

-sorts and packs proteins for transport
-vesicle forms off end of golgi
-protein travels to cell membrane via vesicle


-controls the functions of the parts of a living cells
-determines what each cell will become, how it will function, when it will grow, divide and die

Cell Membrane

Thin covering that surrounds the cell


Jelly-like liquid within the cell membrane, full of protein

Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)

The hereditary "blue print" of an organism


Like "Lego"... A building block for many cell structures

Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)

Just a membrane within a cell.


A small membrane sac full of stuff (used for transport)


A big vesicle; especially big in plants; stores waste/h2o


A membrane sac full of digestive proteins calles "enzymes"

Cell Wall

The rigid structure which surrounds cell membrane*
*Only found in plant cells


Contained in chloroplast, it absorbs sunlight and provides the "sun energy" for photosynthesis*
*Only found in plant cells


Sun energy + Co2 + Water -> Suger + O2


A product of cellular respiration; a reactant of photosynthesis


A reactant of cellular respiration; a product of photosythesis

Cellular Respiration

The reason we eat and breath; Sugar + O2 -> Water + Co2 + ATP


Energy containing molecule; a molecule the cell can use as a source of energy


Produces ribosomes

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