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  1. Inhalants
  2. Hallucinogen
  3. Anabolic Steroids
  4. Non-Therapeutic Effect
  5. Recreational Use of Amphetamines
  1. a Synthetic form of male testosterone. Improves physical performance, enlarge muscles, and increase strength.
  2. b Wakefulness, Performance Enhancer, Weight Loss
  3. c Change the mind, causes user to see and hear things that aren't really there.
  4. d Unintended effects, bad
  5. e Causes body to be deprived of oxygen and death of brain cells (permanent damage).

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  1. Drugs are coated to provide pain relief over time
  2. Picks up the neurotransmitter on the dendrite
  3. -Less abuse potential than schedules 1 and 2
    -Has accepted medical use in the US
    -Abuse may lead to moderate dependence
  4. A chemical that is released by the axon to create a change
  5. -Very low potential for abuse
    -Prescriptions not always required
    -Has accepted medical use in the US
    -Least Dangerous

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  1. HypoxiaSchedule 1, very dangerous and addictive, no medical use.
    Recreational uses: Activates opiate receptor in the brain, "Euphoric Rush"


  2. Stimulant DrugsCocaine, methamphetamines, amphetamines


  3. AxonSending end of a neuron


  4. Rohypnol/GHBDecrease in the oxygen supply in the blood stream


  5. SynapseGap between two neurons


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