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  1. Cocaine
  2. Anabolic Steroids
  3. Methamphetamine
  4. Dendrite
  5. Expose body to toxic chemicals
  1. a Methamphetamines, Inhalants
  2. b Receiving end of a neuron
  3. c Schedule 2, highly addictive, very abuse
    Medical uses: Topical numbing agent
  4. d Made of household chemicals and poisons, often in labs. Has a more intense high than cocaine.
  5. e Synthetic form of male testosterone. Improves physical performance, enlarge muscles, and increase strength.

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  1. "Uppers/Speed". Schedule 2.
    Medical uses: Narcolepsy, Asthma, ADHD.
    Recreational uses: Study aids, weight loss, performance enhancer.
  2. A neurotransmitter that improves mood an can be boosted by carb consumption
  3. Unintended effects, bad
  4. A neurotransmitter that causes euphoria and decreases pain
  5. Prescription Painkillers, Methadone, Heroin

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  1. HypoxiaDecrease in the oxygen supply in the blood stream


  2. Schedule 3-Very low potential for abuse
    -Prescriptions not always required
    -Has accepted medical use in the US
    -Least Dangerous


  3. Schedule 2-Low potential for abuse
    -Has accepted medical use in US
    -Abuse may lead to limited dependence


  4. InhalantsCauses body to be deprived of oxygen and death of brain cells (permanent damage).


  5. FibrillationLoss of heart's ability to beat normally.


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