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  1. Depressant Drugs
  2. Non-Therapeutic Effect
  3. Cocaine
  4. Rohypnol/GHB
  5. Narcotic
  1. a Schedule 2, highly addictive, very abuse
    Medical uses: Topical numbing agent
  2. b "Date Rape". Schedule 1.
    Medical uses: Sleep aids in foreign countries
    Samantha Reid Date Rape Drug Act made these illegal in the U.S.
  3. c Can be used medically to treat pain but can be very addictive.
  4. d Alcohol, Rohypnol/GHB
  5. e Unintended effects, bad

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  1. A chemical that is released by the axon to create a change
  2. Causes body to be deprived of oxygen and death of brain cells (permanent damage).
  3. Synthetic form of male testosterone. Improves physical performance, enlarge muscles, and increase strength.
  4. Intended Effects, good
  5. The tendency of a person to fall asleep at random times

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  1. Reuptake PumpPicks up the neurotransmitter on the dendrite


  2. Uptake ReceptorPicks up the neurotransmitter on the dendrite


  3. Expose body to toxic chemicalsMethamphetamines, Inhalants


  4. AdrenalineA neurotransmitter that initiates the Flight, Flight, or Freeze response


  5. HallucinogenChange the mind, causes user to see and hear things that aren't really there.


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