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  1. Napoleonic Code
  2. 3 Estates
  3. Bastille
  4. Napoleon Bonaparte
  5. Concert of Europe
  1. a grim medieval fortress used as a prison for political prisoners-stormed in 1789
  2. b popular military hero who crowned himself emperor. He won many victories against the Austrians in Italy and made a new law code
  3. c Social classes in France-1:clergy 2:nobles 3: commoners
  4. d code of laws that embodied Enlightenment principles and equality for men. Women lost rights with this code.
  5. e powers met periodically to discuss problems affecting the peace of Europe

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  1. Granted all mens the rights to liberty, property, security and resistance and put all citizens equal under the law
  2. A time in France were 300,000 were executed under the hands of Robespierre for going against the government
  3. financial expert who was an advisor to Louis XIV-reformed the government and lowered tariffs
  4. restoring hereditary monarchies that were unseated
  5. Heir of Louis XIV-indecisive, bad ruler, big spender.

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  1. Congress of Viennapowers met periodically to discuss problems affecting the peace of Europe


  2. Napoleon in RussiaNapoleon entered Russia with many troops but the Russians retreated and burned villages, leaving the French hungry and without shelter-many French died


  3. Robespierreshrewd lawyer and politician who rose to the leadership of the Committee of Public Safety, promoted religious toleration and wanted to abolish slavery-popular with the sans-culottes


  4. Marie AntoinetteQueen that spent extravagantly, leading to public unrest


  5. Defecit Spendingpopular vote by ballot


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