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  1. Marie Antoinette
  2. Women March on Versailles
  3. Declaration of the Rights of Man
  4. Defecit Spending
  5. Metternich
  1. a When the government spends more money than it can take in-made France in debt
  2. b This was the march by the women of Paris to the home of Marie Antoinette to get Loius XVI to go back to Paris
  3. c Granted all mens the rights to liberty, property, security and resistance and put all citizens equal under the law
  4. d Queen that spent extravagantly, leading to public unrest
  5. e Austrian foreign minister who basically controlled the Congress of Vienna. Wanted to promote peace, conservatism, and the repression of libaral nationalism throughout Europe.

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  1. popular military hero who crowned himself emperor. He won many victories against the Austrians in Italy and made a new law code
  2. middle class lawyers and intellectuals
  3. popular vote by ballot
  4. The delegates of the National Assembly met and decided that they would never separate until a constitution was established
  5. Heir of Louis XIV-indecisive, bad ruler, big spender.

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  1. Suffragethe right to vote


  2. Robespierregrim medieval fortress used as a prison for political prisoners-stormed in 1789


  3. Napoleonic CodeNapoleon entered Russia with many troops but the Russians retreated and burned villages, leaving the French hungry and without shelter-many French died


  4. Bastilleexpelled from home or country by authority-Napoleon sent to Elba


  5. 3 Estatesthe right to vote


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