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  1. Legitimacy
  2. Tennis Court Oath
  3. Tricolor
  4. Women March on Versailles
  5. Marie Antoinette
  1. a a flag having three colored stripes (especially the French flag)
  2. b Queen that spent extravagantly, leading to public unrest
  3. c This was the march by the women of Paris to the home of Marie Antoinette to get Loius XVI to go back to Paris
  4. d restoring hereditary monarchies that were unseated
  5. e The delegates of the National Assembly met and decided that they would never separate until a constitution was established

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  1. powers met periodically to discuss problems affecting the peace of Europe
  2. middle class lawyers and intellectuals
  3. popular vote by ballot
  4. financial expert who was an advisor to Louis XIV-reformed the government and lowered tariffs
  5. Granted all mens the rights to liberty, property, security and resistance and put all citizens equal under the law

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  1. Nationalismmiddle class lawyers and intellectuals


  2. Cahiersnobles and clergy that fled France during the revolution


  3. Napoleon in Russiacode of laws that embodied Enlightenment principles and equality for men. Women lost rights with this code.


  4. Guerilla Warfarethe right to vote


  5. Louis XVIHeir of Louis XIV-indecisive, bad ruler, big spender.


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