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  1. Emigre
  2. Metternich
  3. Guerilla Warfare
  4. Napoleon in Russia
  5. Tennis Court Oath
  1. a nobles and clergy that fled France during the revolution
  2. b hit-and-run raids used by Spanish patriots against the French
  3. c Napoleon entered Russia with many troops but the Russians retreated and burned villages, leaving the French hungry and without shelter-many French died
  4. d Austrian foreign minister who basically controlled the Congress of Vienna. Wanted to promote peace, conservatism, and the repression of libaral nationalism throughout Europe.
  5. e The delegates of the National Assembly met and decided that they would never separate until a constitution was established

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  1. powers met periodically to discuss problems affecting the peace of Europe
  2. code of laws that embodied Enlightenment principles and equality for men. Women lost rights with this code.
  3. shrewd lawyer and politician who rose to the leadership of the Committee of Public Safety, promoted religious toleration and wanted to abolish slavery-popular with the sans-culottes
  4. popular military hero who crowned himself emperor. He won many victories against the Austrians in Italy and made a new law code
  5. Queen that spent extravagantly, leading to public unrest

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  1. Tricolora flag having three colored stripes (especially the French flag)


  2. Reign of TerrorA time in France were 300,000 were executed under the hands of Robespierre for going against the government


  3. Bastilleexpelled from home or country by authority-Napoleon sent to Elba


  4. Louis XVIHeir of Louis XIV-indecisive, bad ruler, big spender.


  5. Sans-Culottesmiddle class lawyers and intellectuals


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