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  1. media
  2. August 6, 1787
  3. debts, supremacy, oaths
  4. 15
  5. remove causes, control effect
  1. a what type of amo can fuel a faction?
  2. b article 6
  3. c this is the date that the convention accepted the first draft of the constitution
  4. d right to vote race wise
  5. e cures for factions

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  1. what conditions have historically plagued popular governments
  2. right to bear arms
  3. article 3
  4. the 1st steop towards the separation of powers is finding a way to ... or ... people to each branch
  5. judicial branch's power to declare actions of gov. unconstitutional

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  1. compoud republica govt. administered by representatives of the people- promises the cure we are seeking


  2. justicehenry believed that the ... govts offered the chief protection for personal liberties


  3. pure democracythe most common source of factions is the unequal distribution of ....


  4. federalsimdivision of govt. between a central and state govts.


  5. 27right to vote at 18


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