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  1. population
  2. 15
  3. 12, 10
  4. feds vs. anti feds
  5. August 6, 1787
  1. a V plan demanded that voting in Congress be according to ....
  2. b right to vote race wise
  3. c proposed ... amendments, .... were approved
  4. d what 2 groups were born out of the divison over the philosophy of gov. power?
  5. e this is the date that the convention accepted the first draft of the constitution

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  1. article 2
  2. cures for factions
  3. article 5
  4. america is a ... ... in which the people surrender some power so that their rights are protected by both the state and the federal gov
  5. equal treatment in the states

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  1. 10equal treatment in the states


  2. bicameral legistlature85 essays wrote by hamilton, madison, and Jay about the need for a strong central government


  3. convention of compriseconvention held after the annapolism convention


  4. littlehenry believed that the ... govts offered the chief protection for personal liberties


  5. 22two term limit for president


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