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  1. 23
  2. state government
  3. William Paterson
  4. 9
  5. debts, supremacy, oaths
  1. a article 6
  2. b delegate of NJ who proposed the NJ plan
  3. c electors for D.C.
  4. d power to the people
  5. e what level of gov. held the most authority under the AOC?

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  1. jury in civil cases
  2. article 7
  3. division of govt. between a central and state govts.
  4. 85 essays wrote by hamilton, madison, and Jay about the need for a strong central government
  5. america is a ... ... in which the people surrender some power so that their rights are protected by both the state and the federal gov

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  1. 1splits ballot for presidency


  2. justice... is the final goal of civil society and govt.


  3. 3/5 compromiserepresentation of the slaves in the south


  4. propagandapersuasive info


  5. 17direct election of senators


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