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  1. 18
  2. appoint, elect
  3. separation of powers
  4. convention of comprise
  5. 19
  1. a the 1st steop towards the separation of powers is finding a way to ... or ... people to each branch
  2. b govt. power is divided into 3 equal parts to handle the 3 facets of governing
  3. c convention held after the annapolism convention
  4. d prohibition
  5. e women suffrage

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  1. what conditions have historically plagued popular governments
  2. govt. can only do what people authorize
  3. presidential disability
  4. article 6
  5. what level of gov. held the most authority under the AOC?

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  1. 17splits ballot for presidency


  2. 2power to the people


  3. september 17th, 1787when was the const. formally signed during the convention?


  4. factiongroup acts against community interest


  5. 15freedom of religion, speech, press, petition


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