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  1. C
  2. done
  3. spinal trauma
  4. increase stroke volume and decrease heart rate to about normal
  5. C

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  1. Which of these is a dose-dependent effect of morphine?
    A. tachycardia
    B. diarrhea
    C. increased urine voiding
    D. hypothermia


  2. T/F: Morphine can have a prolonged effect in dogs with congestive heart failure.True


  3. T/F: administering mu antagonists with mu agonists can decrease efficacy of the drugs.True


  4. What is the benefit of using hypertonic fluids instead of isotonic fluids to treat shock?need to use a lot more volume of fluids when using isotonic for shock and this can result in accumulation in the lungs


  5. What is the duration of effect of morphine in dogs?1-6 hours


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