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  1. 0.5mg/kg IV
  2. hepatic metabolism
  3. morphine, hydromorphone, fentanyl
  4. need to use a lot more volume of fluids when using isotonic for shock and this can result in accumulation in the lungs
  5. Administer analgesics IM and then go IV when you can finally get a vein

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  1. T/F: Morphine can have a prolonged effect in dogs with congestive heart failure.1-6 hours


  2. Which of these is a dose-dependent effect of morphine?
    A. tachycardia
    B. diarrhea
    C. increased urine voiding
    D. hypothermia


  3. T/F: administering mu antagonists with mu agonists can decrease efficacy of the drugs.True


  4. When are glucocorticoids a good choice for treating shock?spinal trauma


  5. Which of these fluids is hypertonic crystalloid?
    A. 0.9%NaCl
    B. LRS
    C. 7.2%NaCl
    D. Hetastarch


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