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  1. premonition
  2. stealthily
  3. descend
  4. appalling
  5. belfry
  1. a Shock, horror, disgust.
  2. b A bell tower.
  3. c To warn in advance.
  4. d In a secret matter, sneakily.
  5. e To go down.

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  1. Someone you know, but who is not a close friend.
  2. To be calm and relaxed.
  3. Something done or said to thank or recognize someone.
  4. To rule over in government or state.
  5. To formally bring to an end.

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  1. poiseTo think about or wonder.


  2. frenzyFeared greatly.


  3. jubilationTo destroy or make into nothing.


  4. aggravatingShock, horror, disgust.


  5. mortgageVery serious, likely to produce harm or danger.


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