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  1. absurd
  2. acquaintance
  3. melancholy
  4. emaciated
  5. psychology
  1. a The science of behavior and mental processes.
  2. b To make feeble.
  3. c Someone you know, but who is not a close friend.
  4. d Lacking in order.
  5. e Sadly thoughtful. Depressed, sad, gloomy.

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  1. A loan to purchase a home or other real estate.
  2. Very serious, likely to produce harm or danger.
  3. A first public appearance.
  4. To go down.
  5. Act of entering by force.

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  1. anticipationTo destroy or make into nothing.


  2. precautionsActions taken to prevent difficulty before it happens.


  3. ponderTo think about or wonder.


  4. raucousTo rule over in government or state.


  5. stealthilyIn a secret matter, sneakily.


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