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  1. mortgage
  2. absurd
  3. poise
  4. conspicuous
  5. adjourn
  1. a Lacking in order.
  2. b Easily seen, apparent.
  3. c To formally bring to an end.
  4. d A loan to purchase a home or other real estate.
  5. e Self-control, calmness.

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  1. An opinion formed without considering all sides of the question. Unfairness, injustice.
  2. To think about or wonder.
  3. A first public appearance.
  4. Feared greatly.
  5. Actions taken to prevent difficulty before it happens.

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  1. disgruntledDelicate, not obvious.


  2. anticipationTo look forward to.


  3. acquaintanceIrritating; annoying.


  4. observantQuick to notice, alert, watchful.


  5. perturbLacking in order.


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