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  1. herculean
  2. forbearance
  3. profligate
  4. tortuous
  5. dowdy
  1. a noun, tolerance and self-control, patience; the act of refraining from something, abstinence
  2. b adj, poorly dressed, shabby; lacking smartness
  3. c adjective, relating to Hercules; characterized by great strength;
  4. d adjective, winding, twisted, crooked; highly involved, complex, devious
  5. e adjective, given over to dissipation and self-indulgence, immoral; recklessly extravagant; noun, a person given to self-indulgent and wild spending

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  1. adjective, making a show of virtue or righteousness; hypocritically moralistic or pious
  2. verb, to shrink back in fear, lose heart in a difficult or dangerous situation
  3. verb, to promote trouble or rebellion; to apply warm liquids to, warm
  4. noun, courteous, yielding to the wishes and ideas of another person; great respect marked by submission, as to a superior
  5. adjective & participle, puzzled, not knowing what to do, at a loss

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  1. precociousadjective, too ready to believe, easily deceived


  2. prolificadjective, abundantly productive; abundant, profuse


  3. searverb, to make or become dry or withered; to char or scorch the surface of; to harden or make unfeeling


  4. perniciousadjective, showing unusually early development


  5. extenuateverb, to emphasize, place stress upon


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