Human Bio Chapter 6

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The location where a muscle attaches to the immovable or less movable bone


The location where a muscle attaches to the movable bone. When the muscle contracts, this is brought towards the origin.


A movement that brings two bone ends together


A movement that increases the distance between bone ends


A movement of a bone around a longitudinal (horizontal) axis


A movement that moves a limb away from the midline


A movement that moves a lib towards the midline


A movement of a bone around a latitudinal (vertical) axis


A movement that involves bringing the foot towards the shin

Plantar flexion

A movement that involves depressing (pointing the toes) the foot


Turning the foot toward the midline


Turning the foot away from the midline


Turning the forearm laterally so that the palm faces up


Turning the forearm medially so that the palm faces down


Moving the thumb to touch the tip of a finger

Prime Mover

The muscle that has the major responsibility for a particular movement

Antagonistic muscle

A muscle that has the opposite action and often helps the movement of the prime mover


Help move prime movers by producing the same movement or preventing undesirable movements


A muscle that holds the bone still so all tension can be used to move the bone by the prime mover


Fascicles arranged in concentric rings


Fascicles converge towards a single tendon


fascicles run parallel to long axis of muscle


spindle shaped muscle with enlarged midsection


short fascicles attach obliquely to a central tendon


Origin - Cranial aponeurosis; Insertion - Skin of eyebrows; Action - Elevates the eyebrows

Orbicularis Oculi

Origin - Frontal bone; Insertion - Skin of eyelid; Action - Allows you to squint, blink, and wink

Orbicularis Oris

Origin - Mandible and Maxilla; Insertion - Skin and muscle of mouth; Action - Protrudes the lips


Origin - Maxilla and mandible; Insertion - Orbicularis oris; Action - Compresses cheek


Origin - Zygomatic arch; Insertion - corners of the lips; Action - raises corners of lips


Origin - Temporal bone; Insertion - Mandible; Action - Closes jaw (Not Temporalis)


Origin - Temporal bone; Insertion - Mandible; Action - Closes jaw (Not Masseter)


Origin - Chest muscles; Insertion - Mouth; Action - pulls corners of mouth


Origin - Sternum and clavicle; Insertion - Mastoid process; Action - flexes the neck; rotates the head

Pectoralis Major

Origin - Sternum, clavicle, and upper ribs; Insertion - Humerus; Action -Adducts and flexes the humerus

External Intercostals

Origin - Upper rib; Insertion - Lower rib; Action - Elevate the ribs

Internal Intercostals

Origin - Lower ribs; Insertion - Upper rib; Action - Depress the ribs

Rectus Abdominis

Origin - Pubic bone; Insertion - Sternum and ribs; Action - Flexes vertebral column

External/Internal obliques

Origin - Lower ribs; Insertion - iliac crest; Action - flexes and rotates vertebral column

Transverse Abdominis

Origin - Lower ribs and iliac crest; Insertion - pubic bone; Action - compresses the abdomen


Origin - Occipital bone, cervical/thoracic vertebrae; Insertion - Scapula and Clavicle; Action - Extends neck and adducts humerus

Latissimus Dorsi

Origin - lower vertebrae and iliac crest; Insertion - humerus; Action - extends and adducts the humerus

Erector Spinae

Origin - iliac crest and middle ribs; Insertion - Thoracic and cervical vertebrae; Action - extend the spine


Origin - Scapula and Clavicle; Insertion - Humerus; Action - abduct the humerus

Biceps Brachii

Origin - Scapula; Insertion - Radius; Action - Flex the humerus


Origin - Humerus; Insertion - Radius; Action - Flex the humerus, supinate forearm

Triceps Brachii

Origin - Scapula and Humerus; Insertion - Ulna; Action - Extend the forearm

Gluteus Maximus

Origin - Ilium; Insertion - Femur; Action - extend femur


Origin - ilium and lumbar vertebrae; Insertion - femur; Action - flexes the femur

Adductor Muscles

Origin - ischium; Insertion - Femur; Action - Adducts the femur

Biceps femoris

Origin - ischium; Insertion - Tibia and fibula; Action - flex the tibia and fibula


Origin - ischium; Insertion - tibia; Action - flex the tibia


Origin - ischium; Insertion - tibia; Action - flex the tibia


Origin - ilium; Insertion - tibia; Action - flex the tibia

Rectus Femoris

Origin - Ilium; Insertion - tibia; Action - extend the tibia; flex the femur

Vastus lateralis

Origin - femur; Insertion - tibia; Action - extend the tibia

Vastus medialis

Origin - femur; Insertion - tibia; Action - extend the tibia

Vastus intermedius

Origin - femur; Insertion - tibia; Action - extend the tibia

Tibialis anterior

Origin - Tibia; Insertion - tarsals; Action - inverts the foot; dorsiflexion

Extensor Digitorum Longus

Origin - tibia; Insertion - phalanges; Action - extends phalanges; dorsiflexes foot

Fibularis muscles

Origin - fibula; Insertion - metatarsals; Action - plantar flexion; evert the foot


Origin - femur; Insertion - calcaneus; Action - flexes the femur; plantar flexion


Origin - tibia and fibula; Insertion - calcaneus; Action - plantar flexion

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