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Science Test 7th Hachtel Test

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  1. Preservation
  2. Human Impact
  3. Opportunistic Species
  4. Microhabitat
  5. Urban Development
  1. a The way humans effect the enviornment
  2. b When lot of people come to an area and new things have to be built
  3. c Bushes, trees and large mammals that come after the pioneer species
  4. d To keep safe
  5. e A small area where biotic and abiotic things co-exist together

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  1. Something that requires air to live
  2. The process of breaking down
  3. The final stage in sucession
  4. Things that effect the growth of a population in an area
  5. When an area is cleared of natural resources

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  1. Primary SuccessionNo soil needed


  2. Surface WaterStreams, lakes, rivers


  3. GroundwaterStreams, lakes, rivers


  4. PorosityTiny holes and passageways that allow the soil to drain more quickly


  5. CompostOrganic matter that can be broken down to enrich soil


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