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  1. Illegible
  2. Inanimate
  3. Adjourn
  4. Efface
  5. Tantalize
  1. a to tease, torment by teasing
  2. b difficult or impossible to read
  3. c not having life; without energy or spirit
  4. d to stop proceedings temporarily; move to another place
  5. e to wipe out; to keep oneself from being noticed

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  1. Complicated; difficult to understand
  2. scattered fragments, wreckage
  3. Holding fast; holding together firmly; persistent
  4. poor quality,cheap
  5. determined in advance by destiny or fortune

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  1. adventan arrival


  2. meanderto wander at random; follow a winding course (n.) a winding curve or bend of a river or road


  3. Tauntto overcome with fear, intimidate; to dishearten, discourage


  4. Predisposea very steep cliff, the brink or edge of disaster


  5. Irateangry


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