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  1. Diligent
  2. Supplant
  3. Doleful
  4. vagrant
  5. Accomplice
  1. a Sad; dreary
  2. b wanderer,tramp,hobo
  3. c Hardworking, industrious, not lazy
  4. d To take the place of, supersede
  5. e a person who takes part in a crime

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  1. chief in importance, above all others
  2. to tease, torment by teasing
  3. very brave, fearless, unshakable
  4. slavery, forced labor
  5. (n) a temporary relief or delay; (v) to grant a postponement

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  1. Bondageto pardon or overlook


  2. shoddypoor quality,cheap


  3. Usurpto seize and hold a position by force


  4. Hamperdetermined in advance by destiny or fortune


  5. RevileBelievable


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