American Civics Ch1

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the study of the size, growth, and distribution of human populations.


warm-weather states such as Georgia, Florida, and Arizona.

Service Jobs

a job in which a person makes a living by providing a service for other people.

Baby Room

the dramatic rise in the number of births that occurred between 1946 and 1964.




people who move from one country to make their homes in another.


the unfair treatment of a group of people compared with another group.


the belief that members of one's own are superior to those of other races.

Exclusion Laws

laws passed to prohibit further immigration from a particular country or region; especially laws passed in 1882 and 1907 targeting Chinese and Japanese immigrants.


a population survey that is taken every ten years.


certain ideas that people trust are true.


standard of behavior.


the condition of permitting everyone the same rights and opportunities.


the ability to make choices.


fairness; the idea that every person deserves to be treated fairly.

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