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  1. Dorsal Roots
  2. Pons
  3. Cerebellum
  4. Gray Matter
  5. Mesencephalon (Midbrain)
  1. a -Sensorimotor relay from cortex to cerebrum
    -Control of breathing
  2. b -Dorsal to to the pons
    -Involved in the control visually-guided movements
  3. c Carry afferent action potentials to the spinal cord
  4. d -In ventral and dorsal roots
    -Contains call bodies of different neurons and interneurons
  5. e Responsible for control of eye movement and visual/auditory reflexes

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  1. Carries signals from the brain to the effector organs and from receptor organs to the brain
  2. Can be used as a clinical assessment of the efficacy of the mesencephalon
  3. Composed thalamus and hypothalamus
  4. Carry afferent signals up spinal cord to the brain
  5. Responsible for autonomic homeostasis

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  1. AmygdalaInvolved in the control and perception of emotional expression


  2. Damage to Spinal Cord-Results in motor and/or sensory deficits
    -Depends on descending and/or ascending tracts
    -Depends on height (high = worse)


  3. Local InterneuronsIntegrate sensory info into motor output


  4. ThalamusResponsible for autonomic homeostasis


  5. Medulla OblongataControl of autonomic functions (blood pressure, breathing, etc)


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