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  1. how many members of congress must pass a bill after it has been vetoed?
  2. what was the most imporant result of the supreme court decision in the case of marbury vs. madison?
  3. which amendment states that powers not specifically given to the federal government are reserved to the states of to the people?
  4. what is meant by the supreme law of the land?
  5. why was the bill of rights added to the constitution?
  1. a the constitution must be head of all laws
  2. b 2/3rd
  3. c it protected the people against a powerful national government
  4. d is established judicial review
  5. e tenth amendment

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  1. second amendment
  2. francis scott key
  3. fourth amendment
  4. fourteenth amendment
  5. to appoint the supreme court

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  1. why did lincoln free the slaves in the south?to preserve the union


  2. which amendment give you the right to an impartial jury?fourteenth amendment


  3. what is the importance of article 5 of the constitution?it provided a way for the constitution to be amended


  4. how did congress agree to adress george washington once he was elected to the presidency?mr. president


  5. what subject did most northern whites and southern whites agree on?it formend a whole new nation and stop all ties with america


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