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  1. what is the president's term of office?
  2. what role did women play in the civil war?
  3. what determines the number of representatives a state has in the house of representatives?
  4. how many amendments have been added to the constitution?
  5. why did southern states secede after lincoln was elected 1860?
  1. a the population of the state
  2. b four years
  3. c 27
  4. d spies, nurses, laundress, cooked, farmed, they even fought on the front
  5. e they were afraid northerners would abolish slavery

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  1. the rejection of a law or bill
  2. it included a plan for a national bank so that currency could be used in all states. it improved transportation to make travel easier
  3. the battle of gettysburg
  4. missouri, kentucky, west virginia, and maryland
  5. william travis

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  1. what technological advance made the civil war more deadly than earlier american wars?rifles


  2. what is meant by the supreme law of the land?the constitution must be head of all laws


  3. why were sojourner truth and fredrick gouglas effective abolitionist speakers?they had both been slaves


  4. how did jefferson tell lewis and clark to treat the native americans they may come across?and emigrant


  5. where did robert e. lee surrender to grant?appotomax courthouse in virginia


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