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  1. why did the southerners refer to their cotton as king cotton?
  2. why did war between britain and france put the united states in an awkward position?
  3. what are the two groups that make up congress?
  4. what is a nativist?
  5. with regards to the supreme court, what is the president's power?
  1. a france was an ally and britain was an important trading partner
  2. b the senate and house of representatives
  3. c to appoint the supreme court
  4. d cotton was a main export to the world
  5. e a person born in a counrty who wants to eliminate foreign influence

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  1. "we the people of the united states..."
  2. american born white soldiers
  3. one
  4. fourteenth amendment
  5. income tax

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  1. how did jefferson tell lewis and clark to treat the native americans they may come across?treat them peacefully and with kindness


  2. what is popular sovereignty?it is a government in which people vote


  3. which amendment give you the right to an impartial jury?sixth amendment


  4. what technological advance made the civil war more deadly than earlier american wars?they were boats that had iron around for it to be more sturdy (the first fight with ironclads ended in a draw)


  5. what is person who leaves his or her country to live in another country called?it provided a way for the constitution to be amended


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