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  1. why did war between britain and france put the united states in an awkward position?
  2. how are member of the supreme court chosen?
  3. what were black codes?
  4. under the articles of confederation, which governments had the most power?
  5. what issue did the smaller states demand be settled before they would agree on the articles of ceonfederation?
  1. a they are appointed by the president
  2. b how western lands would be added to the union
  3. c they were southern laws designed to limit the rights of blacks
  4. d the states
  5. e france was an ally and britain was an important trading partner

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  1. to give african amercans the right to vote
  2. and emigrant
  3. it is the principle that the supreme court has the final say in the intrepretting the constitution
  4. fifth amendment
  5. he hoped it would weaked the south's ability to fight in the war

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  1. why did lincoln free the slaves in the south?soldiers were better trained


  2. who was dorthea dix?official approval


  3. what is an immigrant?a person who comes ro a different counrty to settle


  4. why did northereners want to go to war?to preserve the union


  5. how did congress agree to adress george washington once he was elected to the presidency?mr. president


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