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  1. which amendment protects against unreasonable search and seizure?
  2. what is ratification?
  3. what group went west for religious freedom?
  4. what is the power of judicial review?
  5. who were tejanos?
  1. a the mormons
  2. b fourth amendment
  3. c people of the spanish heritage who considered texas to be their home
  4. d it is the principle that the supreme court has the final say in the intrepretting the constitution
  5. e official approval

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  1. americans invaded mexico from different directions
  2. first amendment
  3. dolly madison
  4. freedmen's bureau
  5. to farm and ranch where land was plentiful, to find gold and become rich, and to escape debt or legal problems

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  1. what article of the constitution established the supreme court?article three


  2. what were the confederate states of america?missouri, kentucky, west virginia, and maryland


  3. who was the founder of the organization that later became the red cross?clara barton


  4. who has the power to declare war?congress/legislative branch


  5. what is a veto?a person who take extreme political positions?


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