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  1. why did war between britain and france put the united states in an awkward position?
  2. who fought for laws giving married women the right to own their own property?
  3. what is an immigrant?
  4. why wasthe thireenth amendment necessary?
  5. what is sectionalism?
  1. a a person who comes ro a different counrty to settle
  2. b susan b. anthony
  3. c france was an ally and britain was an important trading partner
  4. d because the emancipation proclamation only freed few slaves
  5. e it is the placing of interst in one's own region instead of the interests of a nation as a whole

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  1. mr. president
  2. john adams
  3. it would be short. the south hoped the north would accept secession, and people in border states did not want to fight for the north
  4. radical republicans lost control of congress
  5. missouri, kentucky, west virginia, and maryland

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  1. what is the most important duty of the president?it states the purpose of the constitution


  2. what is a scalawag?a poor white farmer who became a republican because he was upset over the war


  3. what determines the number of representatives a state has in the house of representatives?the population of the state


  4. why did lincoln free the slaves in the south?it formend a whole new nation and stop all ties with america


  5. what was the american system?it included a plan for a national bank so that currency could be used in all states. it improved transportation to make travel easier


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