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  1. what is a radical?
  2. who was the first vice president and the second president?
  3. what year was the constitution convention held in?
  4. what is popular sovereignty?
  5. why was the government separated into three branches?
  1. a john adams
  2. b it is a government in which people vote
  3. c separation of powers
  4. d a person who take extreme political positions?
  5. e 1787

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  1. the battle of gettysburg
  2. is established judicial review
  3. nine states
  4. charleston, south carlonia (fort sumter)
  5. the senate and house of representatives

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  1. why was the north's capture of new orleans a serious blow to the south?separation of powers


  2. what is a veto?a severe food shortage


  3. who saved important items from the white house before the british burned it down?dolly madison


  4. who was dorthea dix?she was a reformer of the ways mentally ill people were treated without being treated like criminals


  5. when was the constitution ratified?coin money


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