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  1. what happened as a result of the panic of 1873?
  2. what is popular sovereignty?
  3. how many states had to ratify the constitution before it took affect?
  4. which amendment give you the right to an impartial jury?
  5. what is meant by the supreme law of the land?
  1. a sixth amendment
  2. b nine states
  3. c it is a government in which people vote
  4. d the constitution must be head of all laws
  5. e banks and businesses failed, democrats won many victories in congress and state elections, and many farmers were unable to get their crops to the market due to road failures

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  1. eigth amendment
  2. mr. president
  3. dolly madison
  4. she was a conductor who helped enslaved blacks cross the underground railroad
  5. aliens/immigrants

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  1. what is a veto?a person born in a counrty who wants to eliminate foreign influence


  2. what role did women play in the civil war?spies, nurses, laundress, cooked, farmed, they even fought on the front


  3. what werer the reasons americans traveled west?1788


  4. what is the power of judicial review?it states the purpose of the constitution


  5. why did lincoln issue the emancipation proclamation?he hoped it would weaked the south's ability to fight in the war


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