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  1. what region did monroe specifically direct part of his monroe doctrine to?
  2. what did the north's navy hope to do?
  3. what battle was considered the turning point in the civil war?
  4. why was the fifteenth amendment passed?
  5. who was the founder of the organization that later became the red cross?
  1. a cut off south's imports and exports with a blockade
  2. b to give african amercans the right to vote
  3. c the battle of gettysburg
  4. d clara barton
  5. e latin america

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  1. francis scott key
  2. william travis
  3. oregon
  4. 1787
  5. treat them peacefully and with kindness

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  1. why wasthe thireenth amendment necessary?a series of laws enacted in 1820 to maintain the balance of power between slave and free states. it also started the new states in the louisiana territory would be free states if they were not of missouri's southern border


  2. which amendment protects against unreasonable search and seizure?fourth amendment


  3. what groups were not represented at the constitutional convention?women, african amercians, native americans, and poor farmers


  4. what did the kansas-nebraska act call for with regards to slavery in new territories?they were broke and when they arrived, they found jobs in port cities they arrived in


  5. which amendment protects the right to petition the government?one


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