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  1. how did the union raise money to fight the war?
  2. how many years is a US senator elected into office for?
  3. why did lincoln issue the emancipation proclamation?
  4. how did the US win the war with mexico?
  5. how does the preamble beign?
  1. a income tax
  2. b he hoped it would weaked the south's ability to fight in the war
  3. c "we the people of the united states..."
  4. d americans invaded mexico from different directions
  5. e six years

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  1. it increased american patiotism, weakened native american resistance, and US manufacturing grew
  2. third amendment
  3. to farm and ranch where land was plentiful, to find gold and become rich, and to escape debt or legal problems
  4. it provided a way for the constitution to be amended
  5. william travis

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  1. who fought for laws giving married women the right to own their own property?susan b. anthony


  2. what caused the fighting to begin?southereners' fire on fort sumter


  3. what is ratification?a person born in a counrty who wants to eliminate foreign influence


  4. which amendment protects the right to petition the government?one


  5. what is a scalawag?a poor white farmer who became a republican because he was upset over the war


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