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  1. crowd
  2. brave
  3. speech
  4. jealous
  5. apologize
  1. a to make an apology
  2. b a large number of persons or things crowded or crowding together
  3. c feeling angry toward a rival or competitor
  4. d communication by word of mouth
  5. e feeling or displaying no fear

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  1. a large handkerchief usually with a colorful design printed on it
  2. to fly aloft or about
  3. to twist or become twisted together into a mass hard to straighten out again
  4. the act or process of measuring
  5. being soft and flexible

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  1. flatto fly aloft or about


  2. whisperto fly aloft or about


  3. handcuffto place a metal fastening lock around the wrist of an individual


  4. "cuckoo"very large in size or extent or amount or power or degree


  5. ticklysensitive to tickling


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