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  1. measurement
  2. apologize
  3. speech
  4. "cuckoo"
  5. brave
  1. a short on sense or intelligence
  2. b the act or process of measuring
  3. c communication by word of mouth
  4. d to make an apology
  5. e feeling or displaying no fear

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  1. to twist or become twisted together into a mass hard to straighten out again
  2. to make believe : act a part or role
  3. worth a large amount of money
  4. being soft and flexible
  5. feeling angry toward a rival or competitor

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  1. handcuffa large handkerchief usually with a colorful design printed on it


  2. whisperto speak very softly or under the breath


  3. ticklyto move along with twisting and turning movements


  4. storagespace or a place for storing


  5. flathaving no depth or thickness


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