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GI-1,2 Introduction and Overview, Embryo crc Test

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  1. Inferior mesenteric artery
  2. Celiac axis
    Stomach, liver, pancreas, duodenum
  3. Abnormal recanalization of the gut lumen following occlusion. This usually happens at the level of the duodenum
  4. You get something called "nonrotation," in which there is small bowel on the right side and colon on the left.
    This increases the risk of volvulus and obstruction
  5. Abnormal recanalization of the gut lumen following occlusion.
  1. a Duodenal atresia may be due to what?
  2. b Blood supply above pectinate line?
  3. c Intestinal duplication may be due to what?
  4. d What happens if the gut doesn't rotate?
  5. e
    What is the top circle, and what does it supply?

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  1. Dorsal bud of the pancreas gives rise to what structures of the pancreas?
  2. What is an annular pancreas?
  3. Where in the gut does a Meckel's diverticulum occur?
  4. Why does the midgut under umbilical herniation at week six?

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  1. Neural crest cells
    Auerbach's plexus
    Meissner's plexus
    If the lumen of the median umbilical ligament fails to obliterate, what kind of structures can you have?


  2. EndodermWhat germ layer contributes to pancreatic acinar and islet tissue?


  3. 90 degrees CCW while herniated
    180 degrees CCW right after herniation

    What is happening here in this ultrasound?


  4. Meckel's diverticulumWhat connects the primitive gut to the yolk sac?


  5. Small bowel on the right and colon on the left
    Increased risk of volvulus and obstruction.
    What sort of bowel distribution is there in a case of failure of gut rotation?


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