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  1. Mesoderm around anal membrane proliferates, creating the proctoderm (anal pit). This gives rise to the anal pit. The anal membrane breaks down around week 8
  2. If anal membrane fails to break down, or if urorectal septum position is abnormal.
  3. Tourneaux and Rathke folds
    Tourneaux comes in from median, while Rathke come in from the sides.
  4. Small bowel on the right and colon on the left
    Increased risk of volvulus and obstruction.
  5. Meckel's diverticulum, due to abnormal persistence of the vitelline duct (omphalomesteric duct). This can be connected to the umbilicus via a fibrous cord.
  1. a
    This is a section of midgut at the level of the ileum. What might this be, and what created this?
  2. b What might give rise to an imperforate anus?
  3. c What sort of bowel distribution is there in a case of failure of gut rotation?
  4. d What folds are included in the urorectal septum?
  5. e What eventually happens to the anal membrane?

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  1. What supplies the hindgut?
  2. What does the liver clear from the blood?
  3. What are some complications of a failure of the urachus lumen to obliterate?
  4. What is the major hematopoietic organ of the embryo?

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  1. 90 degrees CCW while herniated
    180 degrees CCW right after herniation

    What is happening here in this ultrasound?


  2. Small intestine from distal duodenum
    Vermiform appendix
    Ascending and proximal transverse colon
    What portions of the GI system do the midgut give rise to?


  3. Like a napkin ring of pancreas surrounding the duodenum.

    Result of bilobed ventral buds that rotate dorsally on both sides of duodenum and fuse with dorsal bud
    Can cause duodenal obstruction, pancreatitis, peptic ulcer.
    What is an annular pancreas?


  4. Gut epthelium, glands

    What is the bottom circle, and what does it supply?


  5. Microscopic view of the pectinate line. Area of irregular mucosal folding in anorectal canal.
    What is this?


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