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  1. Abnormal recanalization of the gut lumen following occlusion. This usually happens at the level of the duodenum
  2. At week six, midgut herniates in U-shaped "primary intestinal loop" into the cord. Loop attaches to the yolk sac via vitelline duct.

    When out in the cord, gut rotates 90 degrees CCW
  3. Glycogen, vitamin B12, vitamin A
  4. Internal iliac artery
  5. Omphalocele, in that the herniated midgut did not return to the abdomen
  1. a Duodenal atresia may be due to what?
  2. b The liver is important for storing what?
  3. c Blood supply below pectinate line?
  4. d
    What is happening here?
    What happens right afterward?
  5. e
    What is happening here in this ultrasound?

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  1. When does peristalsis begin?
  2. What happens if the omphalomesenteric (vitelline) duct persists?
  3. What gives rise to the enteric ganglia, and what are the enteric ganglia?
  4. What portion of the GI tract is important for neutralizing stomach acid?

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  1. Septum transversum (mesoderm between the heart and the midgut)What supplies the hindgut?


  2. Celiac axis
    Stomach, liver, pancreas, duodenum

    What is the top circle, and what does it supply?


  3. Superior mesenteric arteryWhat supplies the hindgut?


  4. Small bowel on the right and colon on the left
    Increased risk of volvulus and obstruction.
    Intestinal duplication may be due to what?


  5. Small intestine from distal duodenum
    Vermiform appendix
    Ascending and proximal transverse colon
    What gut structures are derived from the endoderm?


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