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  1. Functional Strategy
  2. Operational Plans
  3. Goals
  4. Leading
  5. Marketing Managers
  1. a Strategy by which managers in specific areas decide how best to achieve corporate goals through productivity
  2. b Developed by mid-level and lower-level mangers, set short-term targets for daily, weekly, or monthly performance
  3. c Objectives that a business hopes and plans to achieve
  4. d Management process of guiding and motivating employees to meet an organization's objectives
  5. e Plans and implements the marketing activities that result in the transfer of products from producer to consumer

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  1. Are responsible for a firm's overall performance and effectiveness
  2. Supervise the work of employees
  3. Goal derived directly from a firm's mission statement
  4. Are shorter-term plans for implementing specific aspects of the company's strategic plans
  5. Responsible for ensuring that operations processes create value and provide benefits to customers

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  1. Strategy FormulationPlan reflecting decisions about resource allocations, company priorities, and the steps needed to meet strategic goals


  2. Strategic ManagementThe process of helping an organization maintain an effective alignment with its environment


  3. StrategyObjectives that a business hopes and plans to achieve


  4. Mission StatementsAn organization's methods for dealing with emergencies


  5. Managementthe process of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling an organization's financial, physical, human, and information resources to achieve its goals


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