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  1. Bantu
  2. Songhay
  3. Prodigality
  4. Swahili
  5. Axum
  1. a successor state to Mali; dominated middle reaches of Niger valley; formed as independent kingdom under a Berber dynasty; capital at Gao; reached imperial status under Sunni Ali; 15th - 16th centuries
  2. b an Arabic-influenced Bantu language that is spoken widely in eastern and central Africa
  3. c Collective name of a large group of sub-Saharan African languages and of the peoples speaking these languages.
  4. d Kingdom located in Ethiopian highlands; replaced Meroe in first century CE; received strong influence from Arabian peninsula; eventually converted to Christianity; modern day Ethiopia
  5. e extravagant wastefulness; profuse generosity; extreme abundance; lavishness

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  1. Arabic term for the east African coast
  2. Struggle; often used for wars in defense of the faith.
  3. Kingdon of city-states developed in northern Nigeria c. 1200 C.E.; Ile-Ife featured artistic style probably related to earlier Nok culture; agricultural societies supported by peasantry and dominated by ruling family and aristocracy.
  4. Nigerian city-state form by the Edo people during the 14th century by Ewuare the Great; famous for its bronze art work
  5. relating to a social system in which family descent and inheritance rights are traced through the mother

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  1. TimbuktuPort city of Mali; located just off the flood plain on the great bend in the Niger River; population of 50,000; contained a library and university.


  2. AlmoravidsA puritanical reformist movement among the Islamic Berber tribes of northern Africa; controlled gold trade across Sahara; conquered Ghana in 1076; moved southward against African kingdom of the savanna and westward into Spain.


  3. GriotsProfessional oral historians who served as keepers of traditions and advisors to kings within the Mali Empire


  4. Intermittentthe holiest Yoruba city; created terra-cotta and bronze portrait heads that rank among the greatest achievements of African art


  5. JenneArabic term for the east African coast


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