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  1. Yoruba
  2. Ibn Batuta
  3. Mansa
  4. Kilwa
  5. Almohadis
  1. a Arab traveler who described African societies and cultures in his travel records
  2. b Kingdon of city-states developed in northern Nigeria c. 1200 C.E.; Ile-Ife featured artistic style probably related to earlier Nok culture; agricultural societies supported by peasantry and dominated by ruling family and aristocracy.
  3. c The title for a ruler in West Africa.
  4. d A reformist movement among the Islamic Berbers of northern Africa; later than the Almoravids; penetrated into sub-Sahara Africa.
  5. e city-state on east African coast; fishing limited trade from 800-1000; turned to agriculture, increased trade in pottery and stoneware; major trading center by 14th century

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  1. A puritanical reformist movement among the Islamic Berber tribes of northern Africa; controlled gold trade across Sahara; conquered Ghana in 1076; moved southward against African kingdom of the savanna and westward into Spain.
  2. The Lion Prince; a member of the Keita clan; created a unified state that became the Mali Empire; died about 1260
  3. Islamic law; defined among other things the patrilineal nature of Islamic inheritance; the system of law that regulates family life, moral conduct and the business and community life of Muslims
  4. City, now in ruins (in the modern African country of ____________), whose many stone structures were built between about 1250 and 1450, when it was a trading center and the capital of a large state.
  5. Centrally located - West Central Africa - consisted of a group of small kingdoms along the Zaire River; was a confederation of smaller states brought under the control of the king and divided into eight provinces.,

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  1. Mwene Mutapathe king of Great Zimbabwe in the late 15th and 16th centuries when the kingdom experienced a period of rapid expansion


  2. Carthagesuccessor state to Mali; dominated middle reaches of Niger valley; formed as independent kingdom under a Berber dynasty; capital at Gao; reached imperial status under Sunni Ali; 15th - 16th centuries


  3. HausaThe title for a ruler in West Africa.


  4. ZengArabic term for the east African coast


  5. Prodigalityinequality; difference


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