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  1. Anemometer
  2. Relative Humidity
  3. Cumulus clouds
  4. Atmosphere
  5. Forecast
  1. a Comparison of water vapor and air temperature
  2. b Prediction of the weather. Study air pressure, temperature, wind and moisture to determine the forecast.
  3. c A wind vane, instrument thta measures wind speed. Has cups that turn from the wind
  4. d blanket of air that surrounds the Earth
  5. e Large, puffy, look like cotton balls, usually mean good weather, change shape, sit low in the sky.
    Heavy dark cumulus clouds produce storms

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  1. Thick layer that forms a blanket over land.
    Little sunlight shines through, appear gray, produce rain or snow, fog is a stratus cloud that's close to the Earth
  2. Scientists who study the weather
    Study air masses to make weather forecasts
  3. Storms with strong winds and heavy rains. Occur over a large area and last a long time. Begin over the ocean but can move to shore.
  4. Day to day conditions in a given area
  5. Place where two air masses meet

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  1. Four Properties of Weatherthe pressing down of air on the Earth's surface. Gravity causes the gases to be pressed down.


  2. Things that affect climateTemperature & precipitation


  3. ThunderstormsStrong windstorms which have cloud shaped like funnels.


  4. ClimateThe amount of water vapor in the air


  5. HumidityThe average weather of an area
    Differ because of the way the sun's rays strike the Earth


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