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  1. Vladmir Putin
  2. 6 years
  3. David Cameron
  4. Representative Democracy
  5. Glasnost
  1. a Who is the current Prime minister of England?
  2. b How long is the term for the Mexican president?
  3. c Citizens elect representatives to govern for them
  4. d Who is the prime minister of Russia today?
  5. e Political reform; Openness (Give people a little bit of freedom)

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  1. Who is the real power in Russia?
  2. Who introduced communism into China?
  3. Who brought about the end of the Soviet Union?
  4. An elected assembly has both legislative and executive powers
  5. Military or military officers who take over the civilian government

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  1. Democracyrule by the people


  2. Kim Jong UnWho is the current leader of North Korea?


  3. DictatorshipHow long is the term for the Mexican president?


  4. TheocracyGovernment is based on faith and beliefs


  5. Stephen HarperWho is the prime minister of Canada today?


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