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  1. verge
  2. misrepresent
  3. discretion
  4. optional
  5. sluggish
  1. a (adj.) lazy; slow-moving; not active, dull
  2. b (adj.) left to one's own choice; not required
  3. c (v.) to give a false or untrue idea
  4. d (n.) the point at which something begins or happens; a border; (v.) to incline, tend toward, approach; to be in the process of becoming something else
  5. e (n.) good judgment; care in speech and action; freedom to judge or choose

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  1. (adj.) likely to undergo change; changeable; (n.) a value or quantity that varies; a symbol for such
  2. (adj.) complete; instantaneous; without reservation, thoroughgoing; (adv.) completly, instantaneously
  3. (v.) to make timid or frighten by threats; to use fear to get someone to do (or not to do) something
  4. (adj.) reasonable; making use of reason and good sense
  5. (v.) to stroll; walk in an easy, leisurely way; (n.) a stroll

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  1. rendezvous(v.) to meet in accordance with a plan; (n.) a meeting by agreement; a meeting place


  2. liberate(v.) to free from bondage or domination; to release


  3. giddy(adj.) dizzy; light-headed; lacking seriousness


  4. subordinate(v.) to free from bondage or domination; to release


  5. impact(n) the striking of one object against another; the shock caused by a collision; (v.) to affect especially forcefully


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