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  1. circuit breaker
  2. generator
  3. electron
  4. electromotive force, EMF
  5. series circuit
  1. a force that makes electrons move
  2. b switch that opens a circuit if too much current is flowing
  3. c machine that makes electricity
  4. d circuit in which electric current follows only one path (share electrical pressure)
  5. e atomic particle with a negative electric charge

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  1. positive or negative pole of an electrochemical cell
  2. unit used to measure electric current
  3. current in which electrons change direction at a regular rate
  4. materials that allow electric charges to flow through them easily
  5. unit used to measure electromotive force

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  1. insulatorsmaterials that prevent electric charges from flowing through them easily


  2. neutronatomic particle with a negative electric charge


  3. protonatomic particle with neither a negative or positive electric charge


  4. batteryseries of electrochemical cells connected together


  5. direct currentflow of electrons through a conductor


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