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  1. electromotive force, EMF
  2. fuse
  3. volt
  4. insulators
  5. ohm
  1. a wire that melts an breaks a circuit if too much current is flowing
  2. b force that makes electrons move
  3. c unit used to measure resistance
  4. d unit used to measure electromotive force
  5. e materials that prevent electric charges from flowing through them easily

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  1. atomic particle with a negative electric charge
  2. current in a wire is equal to the voltage divided by the resistance
  3. circuit in which electric current can follow more than one path
  4. device that changes chemical energy into electrical energy
  5. flow of electrons through a conductor

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  1. circuit breakerswitch that opens a circuit if too much current is flowing


  2. ampereunit used to measure electric current


  3. alternating currentcurrent in which electrons change direction at a regular rate


  4. resistanceopposition to the flow of electrons


  5. conductorsmaterials that allow electric charges to flow through them easily


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